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This is a HIPAA (federal Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) violation.

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Why does a doctor have to get consent to put a patients information into a database?

HIPPA requires all covered entities (providers, insurance companies, labs, research databases, et. al.) to obtain consent from a patient before transmitting any PHI (protected health information).

Is it illegal to release medical records to a car insurance company without consent of the patient?

At the clinic I work at, we have patients sign a release once a year allowing us to submit claims to their insurance company for the year. It doesn't specify which insurance company though. I would check with your clinic to see if you have signed something of the sort. And if not then it probably is illegal for your clinic to submit a claim without your permission.

Can a teenager buy young drivers insurance without parental consent?

If the teenager is added to the parents' insurance, then consent is automatic as it is the parents who make the arrangement. As to whether a teenager can buy his or her own policy without parental consent, that may vary from company to company and state to state. Is is best to check with an independent insurance agent who is authorized to speak for several different companies, and will know any applicable state regulations.

Can you sue a company for selling your personal information?

If they have acquired your information without your consent, and have sold it without your consent, and also, your state/country supports privacy laws preventing the illegal transmission of personal information, then yes, you can sue them.

Can a person add their auto insurance to your policy with out your consent?

Of course not. Also note that you cannot insure a vehicle that you do not own. If you do the company will probably not pay a claim because you do not own the vehicle. They also cannot pay the owner of the vehicle for damage because that person does not have contract with the insurance company so overall you wasted the premiums. It is your responsbility to read your insurance policy and make sure the information is correct.

What is the primary goal of the HIPAA law?

To protect the privacy of patient information. The law makes it illegal to give out a patient's medical information without their consent. After HIPAA, medical patients had to fill out forms designating where and to whom their information could be given out. If you are taking the HIPAA test: To make it easier for people to keep health insurance and to help the industry.

What does 'consent to rate' mean on a workman's comp bill?

Consent to Rate means that the insurance company must have the consent of the insured (i.e. by a signed form) to charge higher than the filed (with the State, if applicable in your state) rate. **** More information** To elaborate on the above answer, Florida is a good example of a state that allows Consent to Rate - these forms must be signed prior to binding. the resons for consent to rate would be Unable to Obatin Coverage at the filed rate, Unfavorable loss experience, unusual hazards or claims activity and such. Source: Commercial Insurance Workers Compensation Expert

Who may obtain a patients signature on a consent form?

The person who is explains the procedure and obtains informed consent.

Why do you have to inform your patient of the procedure?

Because patients of legal age and who is mentally competent have the right to refuse any procedure! If you were to preform a procedure without the patients consent or the patients guardians consent, you could be charged with assalt and go to jail!

Must patients consent to videotaping procedures?

Yes, patients must consent to being photographed or videotaped. To be on the safe side, the consent should be written and filed away in case any issues come up concerning the videotape in the future.

How do you know if someone has life insurance on you without consent?

If such a scenario arises and you have objection to it, bring the matter to the notice of the official concerned of the branch office of the insurance company concerned in writing for their immediate needful action.

Can you take out an insurance policy on your grandson with out his consent?

I can't think of a reason why not. If you want to pay someone to insure something (or someone) they should let you. I suppose it really depends on exactly what the insurance policy is (life insurance, auto insurance, some other general liability insurance). Check with the specific insurance company about the specific type of insurance for an exact answer.

Do insurance companies need a written consent from patients to learn their HIV status?

No, there is no privacy when you have insurance. If you get treatment or testing for something medical and it is covered by insurance. The insurance company will know anything related to that. However the HIPPA law that was inacted prevents them from telling anyone else. No. Insurance companies must make the applicant aware they will be testing for HIV, provide general information to them and have the applicant sign a written informed consent. Health insurance (including hospital, medical, and surgical expense coverage) cannot be denied simply because the applicant is HIV positive. However, disability and life insurance companies are allowed to ask applicants if they have been diagnosed or treated for AIDS or ARC, and deny coverage or charge other than a standard premium for the policy based on the answer. While they may not ask if an applicant has ever had a positive HIV test, they can require an HIV test as part of the company's underwriting rules before issuing a policy.

What is informed non-consent?

Informed non-consent is the refusing of a procedure while being fully informed of the risks to health and the possible outcome of the patients decision.

What does a hipaa compliance do?

HIPPA Compliance offers not only privacy, but allows employees to carry their insurance over when they change jobs. Insurance companies must have written consent to use information for fundraising or advertising purposes.

What is the nurses role in obtaining consent?

Nurses frequently assist in answering questions, but physicians should obtain consent personally from their patients.

Do patients have to sign a consent form before a colonoscopy?

The risks are explained to the patient beforehand, and the patient is asked to sign a consent form.

Do patients have to sign a consent form for a colostomy?

As with any surgical procedure, the patient will be required to sign a consent form after the procedure is explained thoroughly.

Why is it important to seek patients consent before giving medication?

It is important to seek patients' consent before giving medication to make sure that the person understands what he or she is taking and its effects. This also aids in preventing the ingestion of the wrong medication.

What is confidentiality according to HIPPA?

Confidentiality is the privacy and non sharing of anything in the medical record except between medical providers. For example, if I call your physician or hospital and ask what you were in for last time, or if I can have your address, that is all confidential and cannot be released without a consent from you or a legal guardian. If I am a physician, pharmacist or insurance company, I can ask to get pertinent information and it can be released to me, without your consent, because I am part of your health system and documents were signed at the beginning of the process by you to release this information.

Is it malpractice if your physician gives out medical information without your consent?

It is not malpractice; however it would be a violation of the Federal HIPAA law (or if not in the USA, the local equivalent patient privacy laws). HIPAA is an acronym for the Health Information Privacy Protection Act. It prohibits medical personnel from divulging certain medical information of patients to others without the patient's consent. If a physician gives out medical information without your consent, he or she would not be guilty of malpractice but would be in violation of federal law. This could subject the physician to penalties and damages - both from the government and potentially from patients if they can show harm from the disclosure. In the EU, the Data Protection Directive 95/46/EC also makes it illegal for a doctor to share information without patient consent except in certain limited situations. Most other jurisdictions have similar laws.

WHAT IS THE Consent of surety company for final payment?

The consent of surety to final payment is issued by the surety company at the end of a project. The consent states that the owner reserves their right under the bond and the surety company agrees the final payment will not relieve them of any of its obligations.

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