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You have herpes. Either a) one of you were not virgins b) one of you have mouth herpes which can be, rarely, transmitted orally. Don't freak out, go to the doctor, take Valtrax or something like it and you will be ok, its not the end of the world or you sex life. Just use condoms with other partners. Unfortunately, It sound like herpes. You can be a virgin and have herpes. It could have been passed to you by your mother during childbirth. Or you can have the herpes that are in your mouth affect you down there, if they are spread to your nether regions through other sexual activity. Before you get too upset sometimes the acidic reaction between partners can cause this to happen. It's best to go see the doctor and let them diagnose this. It may not be Herpes at all. You need to talk to your partner, and if it's just you with the symptoms you might want to consider Vulvitis. Vulvitis is an inflamation of the vulva often confused with herpes. However you need to see a doctor and get a proper diagnosis.

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Q: What is it when you get a blister just inside your vagina and there is occasional itchiness around the area but you and your sexual partner were both virgins before any sexual activity?
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