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Various possibilities, may be a loose caliper or pad. Maybe in the suspension. Ball joints, Radius arm bushings, control arm bushings. This may not be your brakes, if it is a front wheel drive car, your driveshafts may need to be replaced.

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Q: What is it when your brakes make a popping sound when you are stopping?
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Would a broken sway bar cause the car to make a popping sound when you hit the brakes?


What would make a popping sound when you hit the brakes hard?

It's probably a loose suspension or brake component and the axle assembly is shifting slightly when you hit the brakes. I'd have to hear it to be sure.

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Is it safe to drive when brakes make ticking sound?

Get your brakes tested. I do not know what a ticking sound means.

Why does your 1996 mustang make a popping noise when turning?

Inspect the steering components, suspension, and brakes.

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2006 civic brakes warning system?

Yes.... the brakes will make a "metallic" sound when the brakes are getting worn.

My 1999 Contour makes a Popping sound and pulls hard to the left when you apply the brakes or make a left turn would that be the half shaft?

Check the brake system and the cv boot system. The pulling is the alignment and the popping noise is either metal or air being compressed somewhere.

Do brakes make a noise when not braking?

Yes, they make a screeching sound.

What sound do motorcycle brakes make when they lock?

When motorcycle brakes lock, they make a light grinding sound accompanied by the loud screeching of the tires. When the brakes lock, the tires are forced to slide along the pavement until the brakes are released on the bike stops.

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