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The motherboard is a circuit board that the chipset plugs into or is soldered into. Along with hundreds of other components on a motherboard, it is the part that actually does the computing in a computer.

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2014-07-18 03:48:43
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Q: What is its purpose of the motherboard for a amd sb710 chipset?
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What is the motherboard's purpose for the AMB SB710 southbridge chipset?

The purpose of the motherboard for the AMD SB710 Southbrdge chipset is to control the processes that are going on within the computer's main frame system.

What is the AMD 770 Northbridge Chipset purpose on the motherboard?

The AMD 770 is a chipset used in computer motherboards. think of it like CPU is its brain, the chipset is the nerves in the spinal column. They don't do much on their own, but they're a necessary connection point between the brain and the rest of the body. The 770 chipset is the same.

What is its purpose on motherboard amd 770 northbridge chipset?

The purpose of the 770 Northbridge chipset on the motherboard is to link the computer system's hardware to the processor. Like other computer Northbridge chipsets, they act like the nerves that send signals to the entire unit. The 770 is lower power due to smaller connectors, which makes it an effective chipset.

What processors is the amd sb710 southbridge chipset used in a?

It works with Embedded AMD Athlon Single and Dual Processors, Quad-Core AMD Phenom Processors, and AMD ASB1 Processors based on COM Express Reference Design and Mini-ITX Reference Design.

Will a Asus M4A79T Deluxe Motherboard support SLI?

No. It uses an AMD chipset. AMD owns ATI, NVIDIA's competitor, therefore, it can only run Crossfire, not SLI.

What is the best Intel Socket Motherboard and what is the best amd socket motherboard also ultimatly what is the best CPU Intel or amd?

'Best' is a loaded term. Do you want the motherboard with the most features, the fastest stock, the most overclockable, do you want a 'desktop' or 'sever' motherbaord, etc.? At the moment, the "Intel LGA1366 Platform/Intel X58 chipset" is the top of the line motherboards for Intel CPUs, and "AM2+/ATI 790FX chipset" for AMD. This will chance quickly, as computer hardware always does. AMD vs Intel, Intel at the moment has the fastest CPUs, but AMD tends to be better on price/performance.

What processors is used with amd 770 northbridge chipset?

The Northbridge chipset is the processor of the computer, this is known as the brain of the computer. The 770 Northbridge chipset is conception of ATI for AMD.

What is the AMD 770 Northbridge Chipset processors used with?

The Northbridge chipset is the processor of the computer, this is known as the brain of the computer. The 770 Northbridge chipset is conception of ATI for AMD.

Can a MacBook have a amd motherboard?

no it has an apple motherboard

What is the difference between chipset and original motherboard?

Your question isn't exactly direct... The chipset is the component that basically makes up your motherboard.. Its divided into 2 main parts.. First you have your NorthBridge (controls most primary functions) and your Southbridge (the left over good'ins) Your chipset carries a very common name im sure such as Intel 815G 865G 925x 915G : AMD (no longer making chipsets) Usually with an AMD setup you will have a 3rd party chipset such as VIAK8T800 or VIA KM-266.. Among the more popular AMD compatible chipsets are by nVidia such as Nforce 2 etc... I hope this helps you further identify what a chipset actually is and to further your knowledge of computer components!!By |-|3x@|_07Answer

Where can someone purchase an AMD motherboard?

One can purchase an AMD motherboard from many websites. The most common and best places to buy an AMD motherboard is from eBay's and Newegg's websites.

Can you install an AMD Athlon Thunderbird 1.4 GHz processor to replace an AMD Duron 800MHz processor?

It would depend on the motherboard, chipset and CPU attachment type. In most cases, it should work, but in some rare cases it wont.

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