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What is iTunes error 13?


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2009-09-10 19:50:21
2009-09-10 19:50:21

Its an error which has ocurred to your iphone/iPod probaly during restore.

its very easy to fix...

Try Restoring and if it doesnt work try this:

Make sure iphone/ipod is awake and ou can see something on the screen now plug into computer and open iTunes and do exactly this:

Keep Hold Of Home And Power Buttons(top and bottom) For around 5 secs then let go of Power button and keep hold of home button until a message pops up in itunes saing you iphone/ipod is in recovery blah blah...

Then Press Restore and hope for the best i hope i helped.

And If Anyone Experiences and Problems With Their Ipod Or Iphone get in touch with me at


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iTunes says that it is an unknown error when connecting to the iTunes store.

That's an error from iTunes. Try reinstalling iTunes and Quicktime.

how do i fix error 4251 in itunes for vistra

itunes error 13010 refers to a corrupt itunes library genius file -- to resolve it remove the "itunes library genius.itdb" from your itunes folder and relaunch iTunes

This is what iTunes error 8012 says: "Error 8012 - There was a problem downloading the artwork for (iTunes item)." Click on the link below to go directly to the Apple iTunes support page:

If you get an iTunes error that says -42110, you should go into your iTunes folder and either delete or rename your SC Info folder. The error message usually happens after transferring your iTunes library from one computer to another.

it means an error has occored in your computer

iTunes error code 32 occurs when a person is attempting to enable the VoiceOver feature for the iPod Shuffle. It can be fixed by updating the software through iTunes.

The fix is to run itunes as administrator

iTunes error code 4550 is an error that occurs when trying to burn music to a CD. One common fix is to try burning onto a different CD.

i have the same problem and its just the internet con't connect to the itunes store.

iTunes could not connect to the iTunes Store. Maybe your Internet is off. Maybe you have a firewall that is not letting iTunes connect. Norton is vary difficult to set up for iTunes.

You uninstalled Apple's Application Support. Reinstall iTunes

como soluciono el error 4251

This denotes a problem related to connecting to the iTunes store. I'll assume you were working with your iPhone because that is the only time I've seen that error number. Contact apple and ask if there is a problem with the iTunes store or your iPhone's firmware.

Try reinstalling iTunes, you probably uninstalled one of the services by error.

It means that there is a problem with Apple's server. Wait it out.

You need to connect it to iTunes first.

on your itunes account sign out sign back in

Permissions error with library, check read and write permissions and library location

It means there's been an issue with the internet connection.

Your ispw download is corrupt redownload the firmware.

hi, I'm getting the iTunes 9808 error, and nothing I've seen works (I have vista) - anything new out there? I'm pulling my hair out. rita

i have this probleme to, i have a 3G ipod and its jailbroken and i wanted to update it with itunes but he gives an error on itunes, now it is stuck on recovery mode, and he can not restore with itunes

It is a software bug, most people will have to wait for apple to fix it

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