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Q: What is jaden smith's official facebook account?
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What is Jaden Smiths name on Facebook?

His name on facebook is Jaden Smith

What is jaden smith password on Facebook is?

jaden smiths facebook password is jadensmith123

What is Jaden Smiths facbook?

Jaden Smith does not have a personal Facebook. He does however comment and post on the Jaden Smith Facebook page.

What is jaden smiths real facebook?

What is jaden smiths YouTube account?

Jaden Smith's Official YouTube account is OfficialJadenSmith. And Justin Bieber's accounts are: Kidrauhl, justinbieber, TheThirdKidrauhl, TheFourthKidrauhl, and ImJustJustinBieber. He said it at an interview

Jaden smiths real name on a facebook?

jaeden smith

What is jaden smiths real facbook?

Jaden Smith has a Facebook page for his entertaining carrier. He comments and post on it but he does not have a "personal" Facebook page.

What is Jaden smiths Facebook?

the truth is, jaden smith really has a facebook profile and a fan page. and he dasn't chat with his friends but comments normally. jaden,will and Jada are on facebook. willow was but i think she deleted her page.

What is jaden smiths facebook name?

Jaden-Christopher Syre Smith'jayjay It is his fan page but he has a private one aswell :)

What jadens smiths girlfriends name?

this me jaden her name is shayanna you can look her up on facebook but we not dating on facebook

Is Jaden Smith will smiths brother?

No Will Smith is Jaden Smiths Dad

Is willow smiths jaden smiths dad?

Willow is the sister of Jaden. Their father is Will Smith.

Is Will Smith is jaden father?

jaden is will smiths son

What is jaden's girlfriend?

jaden smiths girlfriend is kikian mitchell

Is Jaden Smith Willow Smiths sister?

no. Jaden smith is willow smiths BROTHER not sister. WILLOW is the sister

Who is jaden smiths girl friend?


What is jaden smiths motto?


When is jadens smiths birthday?

jaden smiths birthday is July,08,1998

Is Madison pettis jaden smiths girlfriend?

no jaden and her are just friends

What is Jaden Smiths full name?

Jaden Christopher Syre Smith

What is Jaden Smith's official Twitter account?

Jaden Smith's official fan Twitter page can be accessed by clicking on the related link below. Jaden's verified account name is @officialjaden; you know it's a real account because it has the blue "verified" checkmark next to the name.

Who is jaden smiths bodyguard?

his name is Stuart.

Who is maddie squirrell?

Jaden Smiths girlfriend

What is will smiths sons name?

Jaden Smith.

What is the name of will smiths son?

Jaden Smith.