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Q: What is jamestowns housing like?
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What were Jamestowns cash crops?


Who was jamestowns leader?

Jhon Smith

What was Jamestowns religion in the first colony?


Who was jametowns leader after john smith was gone?

The person who was jamestowns leader after john smith left is john Rolfe The person who was jamestowns leader after john smith left is john Rolfe

WHEN was Jamestowns birth?

Sometime durring the 1600's

What miners housing is like?

What miners housing is like can vary depending on how prosperous the mining company is. The larger the company and the wealthier it is, the better the housing will be.

What type of housing was demolished in cities like Liverpool during 1950s and 60s?

Council housing was demolished in cities like Liverpool in the 1950s and 1960s. It was public housing rented to those who could not affort to rent other housing.

What is the housing like in Indonesia?

The housing is very bad because

What was the Chippewa housing like?

what it was like

What is Jamestowns religion?

The 106 men were from England and the Church of England was the primary religion of England in 1607.

What is the housing like in Thailand?

Housing is quite affordable when compared to major European cities and even places like Hong Kong or Singapore.

What is Vodun's housing like?

like a boss

What is the number for housing and section 8?

Call your local Housing Authority or the Housing Authority at which you would like to place your name on the waiting list.

Which companies offers corporate housing in Chicago?

In Chicago, corporate housing is offered by companies like AMLI Corporate Housing, Chicago Corporate Rentals. These companies offer furnished housing with amenities.

What type of housing did the colonial Massachusetts have in 1773?

They had multiple types of housing. Most of which looks like the ones we have now.

Substandard Housing as a social problem?

substandard housing contributes to social problems such as crime,theft,depression and the like.

What are some of jamestowns hardships?

Mixed relations with Native Americans, swampy, unhealthy location, disease, lack of food.

What did colonial housing look like in North Carolina?

They were made out mud and sticks. Rich people had housing made out of wood.

What is housing like in Australia?


What is the housing like in Argentina?


Why was Jamestowns location a poor choise for settlement?

Cause there is not a lot of food so some died and captain john left.

What are the Effects of housing problems?

The housing problems effects the children and their studies,like job,education,health and etc.

i would like to know how do i go about getting subsidized housing?

You have to talk to your local welfare office, they can help you get housing.

I would like to have a transitional housing program for Veterans?

I have a goal to develop a community Garden, with a programs for Veterans attached, transitional housing. I would like to explore grants to that affect.

What problems did Jamestown face early on?

The settlers were attacked by natives AND they did not have a good supply of food. these factors both contributed to jamestowns struggles.