What is joe jonass postal code?

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joe Jonas zip code is 65129 and cell number is 1-914-985-9359
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What is London postal code?

London has thousands of different Post Codes. Each group of around 10 addresses has its own code and some large buildings have their own code. A London post code would look something like this: SE25 2TP or E16 5LS.

What is a postal code?

A post code is a number that refers to the area an address finds itself in it makes mail sorting easier as wel as puting an end to mail being misdirect to similarly pelt addresses in different places.. In the UK a post code is the same as a USA Zip Code.. If you are posting a letter to the UK the ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code for Ireland?

Ireland does not have postal codes. For postage, type the address as you have it. For internet forms that ask for a postal or zip code, just type IE.

Postal code of South Africa?

South Africa doesn't have a "Zip Code" but has a 4 digit "Postalcode" for their postal locations. The 4 digit codes are not as precise in their locations as the USzip codes or the UK postal codes. Every city and most towns inSouth Africa have a postal code. There is no separate code that covers th ( Full Answer )

What is an example of an English postal code?

Here's one I made up earlier TR99 1YZ That's the easy bit over, it now gets a little complex.. The first of the code is called the outward code used to direct mail from one sorting office to the destination sorting office.. All UK postcodes are based on cities, and most use the first two letters o ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code in US?

The system of postal codes in the United States is called the ZIPCode. The basic ZIP Code is 5 digits, identifying a town or a partof a city, with additional digits narrowing down to a specificaddress.

What is the postal code for Merseyside?

Aigburth L17\nAinsdale PR8\nAintree L10\nAllerton L18\nBebington L63\nBillinge WN5\nBirkdale PR8\nBirkenhead CH42\nBirkenhead CH41\nBootle L20\nBromborough L62\nCaldy CH48\nChildwall L16\nChurchtown PR9\nEastham L62\nFormby L37\nGarswood WN4\nGateac ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code of Gaza strip?

ل ا يوجد لغزة رمز بريدى ولكن للظروف التى يعيشها اهلنا فى غزة تم الاعتماد بان الرمز ا٠( Full Answer )

Who is joe jonass gf?

his current girlfriend is Taylor swift. but girls don't hate her if you become a popstar too,then no more looking up Jonas brothers you'll be holdin hands with joe,nick,or even Kevin and maby even a kiss!!!

What is the joe Louis postal stamp value?

Mint US stamps are worth their face value to use as postage, so use yours that way, if you need postage. Otherwise, your stamp has negligible value ( less than 25 cent retail) , but please do not throw it away! Keep it in your stamp collection for your children or yourself when you have more tim ( Full Answer )

What does a postal code do?

A Canadian Postal Code does much the same thing as any other code used for mail sorting, such as the zip code in the US. It speeds up mail sorting in the Post Office, and does so with a very high rate of accuracy.. Each of Canada's Postal Codes is unique enough to direct mail to your side of the st ( Full Answer )

What is joe jonass room color?

he shares his room with nick Jonas and plus sleeps on king size bed but i don't know his room colour in ym opinion its silver or gray

Is your postal code your zip code?

Many countries use codes to speed the processing of mail. In the US (and a few other countries due to the influence of the US), these codes are called zip codes. (ZIP was originally an acronym for "Zone Improvement Program".) In most countries they're called "postal codes". So, if you live in the ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code?

If you mean 'postal code', then it is a system of sorting mail to make delivery more efficient. It breaks up regions of the country into small efficient delivery routes for mail carriers to work in.

What does the phrase postal code mean?

It's the British (and Commonwealth) system in place of Zip Codes. Post (or Postal) Codes are an older system and based on "PostTowns" where the post would be sorted. For Example EH10 4QL is a post code for: Town (EH)- Edinburgh Area (10)- starting with the area round the main post office as 1and wor ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code of birmingham in the uk?

Birmingham, UK doesn't have just one postal code !Each UK postal code only applies to a small number of properties -typically up to ten buildings ! You would need toprovide much more information to get a more accurate answer.

Postal code of Wales in uk?

Wales has many postal codes, not just one- you need to specify the particular area of the country that you want the code for.

What is the postal code of UK london?

British post codes are very detailed, typically having around 10 residential addresses to every post code. Large businesses very often have their own post code. Therefore there are thousands of post codes within London. A typical London post code would look something like this: SE27 6AQ

What is the postal code for Tralee?

Ireland does not have postal codes. You would structure the address as follows: Name Street Tralee Co. Kerry Ireland. It will get there that way if you are posting something. Use IE if you are looking for a postal code for an internet form.

What si the postal code of canada?

There is no postal code for the entire country. The Canadian postal codes are six-character alphanumeric zip codes. The system resembles the British postal code scheme. The string is LNL NLN (L=Letter, N=Number). The characters pinpoint the postal district, the sortation area and the last three ch ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code for Oranjestad Aruba?

Aruba doesn't use postal codes. The locality [city, town] and the country name are sufficient for addresses in Aruba. The street address is given first and the house number follows [for example, JE Irausquinplein #9, Oranjestad, Aruba].

What is trinidads postal code?

There are no zip codes, if you want to send a letter to Trinidad, you can just write Trinidad, W.I. on the last line or if it is going to Tobago write Tobago, W.I. or if you don't know which island they live on just put Trinidad and Tobago, W.I. on the last line of the address and the post office wi ( Full Answer )

What is Mianwali postal code?

The postal code of Mianwali is 42200 ..improved by M Mehtab Alam Khan Niazi Ballokhel, Mianwali

What is the postal code for lund Sweden?

The postal code will depend on your exact adress. To find your postal code this site will help : http://www.posten.se/soktjanst/postnummersok/gb/index_v.jspv

What is postal code of Dublin?

Dublin is divided into postal districts numbered 1 to 24 odd numbers 1, 3, 5, etc are north of the River Liffey even numbers 2,4, 6 etc are south of the River Liffey a section of Dublin 6 was divided off and named Dublin 6W , so there are 25 districts

What is a postal code for a phone?

Telephones do not have postal codes. Postal addresses have postal codes; telephone numbers have telephone country codes and sometimes telephone area codes.

Postal code of lnglewood in California?

90301 , 90302 ,90303 , 90304, 90305, 90306, 90307 ,90308, 90309, 90310, 90311, 90312, 90313, 90397, 90398... those are the (postal) Zip codes for Inglewood, Ca.

Where can you find the postal code for Portlaoise?

Portlaoise is in Ireland; the country does not currently use postal codes. Simply send any mail to the standard address you would use (i.e. name, street and house number, town, country, country) and not include a postcode. This is sufficient for their system.

What is the meaning of zip or postal code?

Postal or Zip codes are 5 digit codes that refer to one's location. For example Zip codes in the Eastern U.S. generally start with a 1, as you go farther West the First digit increases, for instance Calif starts with 9.

How many numbers has postal code?

Different countries have different procedures for postal codes. Some have only numbers and some are numbers and letters. It depends on the country in question.

What is the postal code for Southampton UK?

See the related link for more details Southampton (Southampton). SO15. Southampton (Hampshire). SO1. Southampton (Hampshire). SO2. Southampton (Hampshire). SO4.

What is the Postal or Zip code of England?

It all depends on what area of England you want ! Each area has a different code, there is no code for England itself. There are many post codes in England, so it depends on where you are writing to. The post code is only one part of the address. You need to know it all.

What is Trinidad postal code?

Trinidad does not have a postal code because the country does not use that system. If you are asked to put in a postal code, simply put a dash in it's place...or some other mark.

What is the postal code of ismailia Egypt?

الاسم العنوان الرقم البريدي التليفون أبو جريش أبو جريش /ابوصوير 41633 3475121 أبو خليفة أب ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code for Qatar?

The postal code for Qatar is "QATAR" There is no such thing as a postal code for an entire country. Yousimply write the name of the country in all capital letters, eitherin English or in French, on a line by itself after the rest of theaddress.

What is the postal code number for Scotland?

Postal codes in Scotland, as in all of the United Kingdom, are alphanumeric, not just numbers. The first part of the postal code is one or two letters, such as G for Glasgow or EH for Edinburgh. That is followed by a one- or two-digit number, or in a few cases one digit and a letter. Then there is a ( Full Answer )

What is the postal code of the United Kingdom?

The Royal Mail uses Postcodes. You can use the link, below, to type in the place where you want to send mail, and find the postcode that you need. Zip codes aren't used in the UK. The post codes used are much more specific than codes in other countries and narrow addresses down to around 10 ho ( Full Answer )