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What is john travolta's sexual orientation?


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May 23, 2016 7:00AM

He has not publicly stated one way or another.

Here are some opinions:

  • Actor John Travolta is not gay and has a wife and children.
  • Sorry, but rumor has it that he is gay or bisexual and many people in Hollywood know this.. That he is married with kids does not mean that he may not play the field once in a while.
  • Exactly that ... rumors! There is absolutely no proof and only gossip by Carrie Fisher and the rag 'Enquirer' that has charged John Travolta as being gay and one person who is suppose to have a tape proving John Travolta is gay (no tape yet!) According to Hollywood everyone that walks or runs is gay. John Travolta has made no comment that he is gay and therefore, until he does it no ones business.
  • If he is gay its no one s business but his own.