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What is johndus?


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October 13, 2007 2:20AM

According to, "Jaundice is not an illness, but a medical condition in which too much bilirubin - a compound produced by the breakdown of hemoglobin from red blood cells - is circulating in the blood. The excess bilirubin causes the skin, eyes and the mucus membranes in the mouth to turn a yellowish color. Jaundice is common in newborn babies and will usually clear up without treatment. However, for adults the symptoms of jaundice may indicate damage to the liver. If the cause is not treated, it can lead to liver failure." Further information about jaundice may be found at: === === Jaundice is the body's disability to clean the blood of liver toxins and will turn the skin and the whites of the eyes, the sclera, a yellow color. Alcoholics with liver failure will show this feature.