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What is kamantigue?

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It is a name for Impatiens balsamina. See the related links to the left.

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What is the scientific name of kamantigue?

The scientific name of kamantigue is Impatiens balsamina. Kamantigue was discovered in 1753 by Carolus Linnaeus who was a botanist from Sweden.

What is kamantigue plant?

Impatiens balsamina

Uses of kamantigue?

Kamantigue is a type of Impatiens flower. It has a number of different uses, such as relieving digestive ailments, and treating burns and pains.

What are the chemical contents of kamantigue plant?

The Kamantigue plant is also known as Impatiens balsamina. Chemicals in the plant include hennotannic acid, and lawsone methyl ether.

Scientific name ng kamantigue?

impatiens balsamina

Three fruits that explode to disperse their seeds?

Ipil-Ipil Chamachile Kamantigue

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