What is karan bra favorite color on Jessie?

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What color is Lady Gaga's favorite bra?

Sexy bright pink!

What is a nude bra?

In this case, nude is referring to the color of the bra. It would be close to the skin color of a woman with a medium complexion.

Where can you get the best bra?

Aerie! Paige is my favorite at the moment.

Is black bra is harmful?

Black bras are no more harmful than other color bra. Make sure your bra is the right size and is cleaned regularly, and you will be safe from your black bra.

What color bra and panties are you wearing right now?

Bra: white Panties: blue with black stripes

Does wearing black bra cause breast cancer?

The color of your bra has no affect on breast cancer risk.

What bra color does Annasophia Robb wear?


What color bra is most used?

black, white and red

What colour bra for school?

that depends on the color of your shirt. Light colored or white shirts you should wear a nude bra. Any dark colored shirts, you can wear any bra.

Do man like 34 a cup in bra sizes?

If a man wears a 34A it is likely to be his favorite bra size. Men like many different bra sizes, so there are men who like 34A.

Is there any psychology behind bra color I understand it affects males but does bra color give anything away about a female's personality?

It is more attractive to the male, and maybe the girl either thinks it's sexier or it's her fav color.

What is Ashley Purdy's favorite animal?

I'm guessing it would be a Z-Bra ;)

What color bra are you wearing today?

What the H@&%! U HAVE ISSUES! Stalker!

Do you wear a neutral color bra under a white blouse?


Do girls like balls?

hell yea bra that's there second favorite toy

What actors and actresses appeared in Bra League - 2012?

The cast of Bra League - 2012 includes: Brittany Furlan Mike Hatton as Mike St. Joseph Jacqui Holland Kelly Lind Kiya Roberts Jessie Schneiderman

What bra to wear with low back?

Some people don't wear a bra but it looks tacky unorganized and gross if you don't have a flat chest so a strapless bra or a bra with a color fabric of your skin tone or a clear bra or one with one of those really skinny straps in the back all of these will do just fine.

What color bra are you wearing in french?

for starters in France we speak French so in FRANCE since we have more than one color we have multiple color bras

What color bra do you wear with a white shirt?

You should wear a beige or white bra. That depends on you! Are you feeling sexy and fun? Then wear a bright colored or black bra. If you want to be more demure, then wear white or skin tone.

What did mermaides where?

They would wear a bra that would match the color of the gills on there tail. XD

Download true color 32-bit resolution for windows XP?

go bra

Why do people have black on their Facebook status?

i guess all of them are girlss like me and they out some color or something weird as their statuss well its theyre color of bra :]

What color bra do you wear under a gray shirt?

not to bright unless it is dark but just so it won't go see threw where the same color[gray]

What is the Filipino word for bra?

Bra is still bra in filipino

What is a bra for?

A bra is used to support and/or enhance breasts.