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What is keratosis pharyngitis?

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This condition is called keratosis pharynis. The word keratois means a condition concerning keratin. Keratin is found making up hair and nails. Pharynis deals with the pharynx or throat. It is usually seen a white specks on the back of the throat.

It seems to resolve (get better) on its' own.

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PharyngitisPharyngitis.Really it depends on where the sore throat is coming from, but the most common type of sore throat is pharyngitis (inflammation of the pharynx).Pharyngitis.pharyngitisStrep throat.PharyngitisPharyngitis

well, if you mean Pharyngitis in Rhinos, then they probably get the same sort of symptoms as us, but if you mean a type of pharyngitis is humans, then I'm not sure. rhino-pharyngitis is the common cold

Keratosis is the overgrowth of the keratin layer in the skin.

FOLLICULAR KERATOSIS?what is the etiolgy,,symptoms and liine of treatment of follicular keratosis?

Pharyngitis is an infection of the pharynx in the throat. The bacteria that causes pharyngitis is called Streptococcus. Pharyngitis that is caused by a bacterium usually requires antibiotic treatment.

The plural form of keratosis is keratoses.

Pharyngitis means "Inflammation of the Pharynx" or throat inflammation.

Pharyngitis is the medical name for a sore throat. Pharyngitis is contagious through direct contact with mucus, nasal discharge, or saliva.

Pharyngitis is the medical term that refers to a sore throat. Some common symptoms of pharyngitis include scratchiness, pain, coughing and difficulty swallowing.

You mean "Diabetic Ketoacidosis", check for it on Google. There's no such thing as diabetic keratosis.

Actinic Keratosis is a type of precancer that can cause visible lesions on skin. If you have Actinic Keratosis, then you have sustained sun damage and could potentially develop skin cancer.

The main risk of actinic keratosis is of skin cancer. This mainly has to do with the fact that actinic keratosis is caused by sun damage to skin, as is most skin cancer.

A good treatment for the disease keratosis is to take medications like adapalene, tazarotene, and tretinoin. These medicines often treat keratosis disease within 3 months.

Pharyngitis is a throat infection, often viral but can be bacterial. It is not hereditary. Nearly every child has incidents of pharyngitis -- some children have repeated incidents from young babyhood through teen years.

Repcillin is a range of products made specifically to treat conditions such as keratosis. They are currently offering free samples of the product on their website, and have received many positive reviews from customers who have keratosis which can be seen on their home page. I highly recommend for you try a free sample. Simply lather the balm onto the area where you have keratosis two or three times a day, and you should notice that the keratosis will begin to calm.

I just had a lichenoid keratosis removed by a plastic surgeon. My dematologist said it looked like a squamous cell carcinoma, which I have had on the same leg. For that reason alone, I had it removed. It came back as benign, however, I have been reading that a lichenoid keratosis is like a pre-cancerous actinic keratosis, which can turn into cancer. I am happy it is gone.

No, a keloid is an abnormally raised scar. Keratosis is an overgrowth of the horny (hard) layer of the skin, like a wart.

Streptococcus pyogenes infections may take the form of pharyngitis, scarlet fever (rash), impetigo, cellulitis, or erysipelas.

Yes. Pharyngitis is simply inflammation of the pharynx, which is part of the throat. It can be caused by overuse, trauma, infection, auto-immune disease or even cancer.

streptococcal pharyngitis

for strep pharyngitis , skin infxn

Streptococci is the chain-forming bacteria that cause the severe pharyngitis known as a strep throat.

Up to 2 million people a year are treated for actinic keratosis. This treatment is required because the condition refers to precancerous spots on the skin.

there is headache,rashes,nausea,pharyngitis and fever

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