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The key issue in nature vs nurture controversy based on sociology is whether human beings behave differently due to birth or because of how they are raised. Sociology discusses the social factors effecting human behavior.

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What is the nature and nurture debate in relation to socialization?

read the book "Lessons from an optical illusion: On Nature and Nurture" i think is the title...a really interesting should answer your question

Should you study nature versus nurture?

Yes, though ultimately both combine to produce or limit conditions which might need treatment.

What is nuture?

Nurture is a word used to describe the way someone cares for another person. Parents should nurture their children for example.

If you are studying sociology and are under the category of planning what does that mean?

I personally do not know what that means. If your major is sociology then that's what it is. Now, there is a possibility that the sociology department has a number of options to the sociology degree. In other words, sociology/urban planning etc. You should check with an academic adviser at the institution you a enrolled at for clarification.

How can you discuss the development of industrial sociology?

To discuss the development of industrial sociology, you should start at the beginning and go through the development of it. You should include different theories and the highlights of the development of industrial sociology, as well as how it is used today.

What nature should Cyndaquil be?

it should be modest nature or calm nature

Is Management art or science - explain?

According to the nature of management, there is a controversy that whether management is a science or an art. This controversy is very old & is yet to be settled. It should be noted that, learning process of science is different from that of art. Learning of science includes principles while learning of art involves its continuous practice.

What should you take in your options - french or sociology?


What is the focus of critical sociology?

To suggest how society should work.

Does Vivek ji like controversy?

Controversy ....this is what vivek ji is , he likes or not controversy but its sure he has not left any issue in which he thinks talks should be done ....well he deserve to be controversial because what he speaks its a naked truth .....

Do you capitalize sociology?

It should only be capitalized when it forms part of a title.

Why every teacher should know the Impotance of Sociology?

they shouldn't, its pointless

Why you should not destroy nature?

You should not destroy nature because it will hurt you back.

What did President Wilson believe the goal of American foreign policy should be?

to nurture democracy around the world

What is a nature photographers responsibilities?

To be a nature photographer, he should respect the nature first.

What would be a cool trait that should be genetically controlled but it is not?

The argument for nature v's nurture is still being held. We don't have any firm conclusion as to what traits are controlled by genetics and which are not. With out this information it is impossible to say any traits which "should be controlled by genetics but are not". Some people would say that all traits are genetic!

What was dr Frankensteins responsibilities when created Frankenstein?

One of the themes of the book is 'Nature over Nurture' and it is illustrated rather bluntly that the monster became evil because of Dr. Frankenstein's neglect towards him. So the Dr. should have been responsible for raising the creature he created.

What are the relevance of studying sociology?

Sociology as named the science of society,is very important to have the knowledge of it.How to behave,to talk,to answer,i mean everything related to human life a social being should have the knowledge.To get this social knowledge it in very important to study sociology.

Should India interene in the bhagwad gita controversy?

That is a decision to be made by the government of India

What nature is latios?

It should be IMPISH

Why should teacher trainees study sociology of education?

to understand the social behavior of the learners

Which is the largest country in India?

Who is called the father of educational sociology

What do do when butterfly damaged?

If a butterfly is damaged, you should just let it die unless its a wing, then you should nurture it back to health, its wing will re grow in about a month.

What was the controversy between Henry IV and the pope?

Henry, as the king, thought that he should appoint bishops in his kingdom. The pope felt that only the pope could appoint bishops. It is known as the investiture controversy.

Who are sociology main people of focus?

For introduction to sociology, the people who you should focus on mainly are: Auguste Comte, Karl Marx, Emile Durkheim, George Herbert Mead, C. Wright Mills, and Max Weber. There are many more important people, however, in the study of sociology.

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