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What is keyframe in flash?

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From Wikipedia:

"A key frame (or keyframe) in animation and filmmaking is a drawing which defines the starting and ending points of any smooth transition. They are called "frames" because their position in time is measured in frames on a strip of film. A sequence of keyframes defines which movement the spectator will see, whereas the position of the keyframes on the film, video or animation defines the timing of the movement. Because only two or three keyframes over the span of a second does not create the illusion of movement, the remaining frames are filled with inbetweens."

Basically it that's what it is in flash also.

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What is keyframe in macromedia flash 8?

A keyframe is a frame that copies all sprites (images) from the frame before it.

What is a blank keyframe in flash?

nahi pta na g

What is a blank key frame?

A blank keyframe is a blank keyframe

Difference between insert keyframe and insert blankframe?

well if you click to insert "keyframe" then you'll get a copy of the last frame you were on. say you had a flower, if you chose to "insert keyframe" on the next frame then you'd get another picture of a flower. by pressing insert "blank keyframe" you get just that, a blank keyframe. p.s. a keyframe is a frame where an action occurs

What is the function of layer in macromedia flash 8?

work of a layer is the movement of an object which is prepared by us. it is necessary for us to insert the keyframe for the same.

What is the difference between a frame and a key frame in flash?

Differences between frames and keyframes:The keyframe is the control point, i.e to change anything over time, we use a keyframe.A frame enables our object to appear on the timeline as the playhead moves.Keyframes have a little circle drawn on them.Frames have a little square drawn on themWe can create a keyframe by pressing F6.We can create a frame by pressing F5.

What is the short cut for adding a keyframe?


Does anyone no why your keyframe bar on Vegas disappears?


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Oh, Flash. Definitely.

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Does the iPad 3 have a flash?

Flash as in camera? No. Flash as in Flash Player? No

What are 3 modes in flash?

Auto flash, Red Eye flash, and no flash

Where can you get macromedia flash?

See the answer for Where can you download Adobe Flash Player Macromedia flash player is EXACTLY THE SAME PROGRAM as Adobe flash player Adobe flash player = Macromedia flash player Macromedia flash player - Adobe flash player Repeating: Adobe flash player = Macromedia flash player Macromedia flash player - Adobe flash player

What is Flash Intro?

Flash Intro is a part of the Flash Software that explains how the Flash program works. Flash Intro lets the user design the Flash program to fit their personal needs.

Will flash 8 file support flash 7?

Of course Flash 8 will support flash 7!

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What is the difference between flash disk and flash drive?

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How do you make a sonic flash game?

with adobe flash CS4 (also flash movies & flash websites made with this.)

Who would win flash or quik silver?

Simply flash, they fought before and flash won so, flash.

What are the differences of motion tween and shape tween?

Both motion tweens and shape tweens are useful animation tools in Flash.Shape tweens directly change an object's shape and/or color over a series of frames from the first keyframe to the second. This produces a fluid morphing effect. For a smooth transition from Keyframe A to Keyframe B, shape hints can be used to guide the tween during the animation. For example, putting a shape hint on a character's hand in both keyframes can prevent the hand from morphing into a part of the shoulder. Shape tweens can only be used on shapes that haven't already been converted into a symbol, or on shapes edited directly within symbols.Motion tweens are used to animated and transform a symbol with a shape inside of it. Motion tweens are used most often to translate, scale, and rotate a symbol for an animation. There are different kinds of motion tweens which include movie, graphic, and button tweens. Graphic tweens are useful for quickly switching between two keyframes within the symbol with different shapes in them, to change things such as facial expressions, positions, and more.

Difference between adobe flash and macromedia flash?

Adobe Flash is a newer version of Macromedia Flash. Adobe purchased Macromedia, and is now the current developer of Flash. All versions of Flash player version 9 and on have been called Adobe Flash.

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