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Bad alternator? May have short, will still charge, but drains the battery when sitting. Just as a test, take one of the battery cables off at night and see if the battery stays charged. Might be bad battery even though new. Hood light that's not shuting off? Brake switch not shutting off? Have you checked the altermator to make sure it's charging 14 amps. May be weak and only charging enough to keep the truck running with nothing left to charge the battery. Out of ideas

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How are the tefillin tallit and kippah used in prayer?

From Sunday mornings to Friday mornings, unless it's Shabbat or a holiday.

Why will a car not start unless it is jumped started?

bad battery, and bad alternator not keeping it charged - also bad connections to the battery or loose wire connections on the alternator.

What would happen if you charged a 6V snowmobile Yuasua Battery with the leads reversed?

Unless the charger is clever enough to realize that something is wrong(some of them are) then the battery will be damaged.

Why car won't run unless jumped by another car?

The battery is weak and should be replaced, with a charged one or new one.

My cars battery is just fine but the car wont turn get any power unless i jump the car?

If you can jump start the car then the battery is not fine. Remove the battery cables and thoroughly clean them. If it still will not start check the voltage at the battery with the engine off. You should get 12.6 volts if the battery is fully charged. 12.4 it is 75%, 12.2 it is 50%, and 12.0 it is 25% charged. I would bet your battery is defective.

Can a laptop battery become overcharged while using it?

A laptop battery can be charged while using it, but it would not be likely to become overcharged when the laptop is in use, unless the laptop goes into a sleep or dormant state.

How do you start the 4x4 Geo Tracker?

Unless there is something specifically wrong with it make sure the battery is charged and that it has gas in it and turn the key. Is there something wrong with it?

Do you have to jump start a new battery or do they come already charged?

Most new batteries should come charged, unless the new battery is actually one that has been sitting on the shelf for a quite a while. If you're having problems starting, you might have a problem with the starter itself. Good Luck!!!

How do you charge your phone battery quickly without using a charger?

you cant unless you have a solar charged phone those our the only two ways to charge a phone!!

Battery light stays on in your Chevy silverado 2005?

test the voltage on the battery first, then on the alternator. If its good then it could just be the diode in the alternator. I would suggest you replace it becuase eventually your alternator will die and the battery will not get charged leaving you stranded somewhere. It is possible to just be a battery but you wont know unless you have the battery tested. check the voltage on the battery and the alternator before you do anything else.

Can you change a 3.0v battery with a 3.6v battery?

Not unless you want to damage the device.

Can a meteorite drain a car battery?

No,, not unless it fell from the sky and hit the battery.

Are boxer dogs prone to killing?

not unless you teach them to.

What size battery on a 1992 Plymouth Laser?

12v battery every car battery is the same unless you get a 16volt, unless your running a ton of electronics equipment i would stick with the 12

Does the nucleus of an atom have negatively charged and has a high density?

Yes it has a high density No it is not negatively charged (it is positively charged) - (UNLESS it is an atom of antimatter).

Why is the nucleus of an atom negatively charged?

The nucleus of an atom is not negatively charged. (Unless the atom is an antimatter atom).

Which current does a street lamp use ac or dc?

Unless the street lamp is a self-contained, battery-operated, solar-charged model, it almost certainly would be an ordinary AC-powered light.

When using a battery charger that is the charge rate in amps for starting a car?

It isn't adviseable to use a battery charger to jump start a car unless the charger has a jump selection on it. Most newer models do have this function. The best thing to do, whether your charger has the jump function or not, is to take out the battery and put it on a trickle charge - usually about 2 amps, until the battery itself is fully charged.

Can you be charged with past conviction?

No. Not unless you re-offend by doing the same crime. Then you can charged agsin WITH THE NEW CRIME.

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No unless you have a mod.

Is killing a crocodile illegal?

Unless you killed it because it was attacking you.

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not unless they knew

Where are the battery posts?

On the top of the battery unless it has side connections which are on the side and are not posts but female connections.

Can the wrong size car battery damage the alternator?

No, not unless you installed a 6 volt battery instead of a 12 volt battery.

Does every atom have a negatively charged nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons?

No. Every atom has a positively charged nucleus surrounded by negatively charged electrons.Unless you are talking about antimatter. The atoms of antimatter have negatively charged nuclei and surrounded by positively charged positrons

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