What is known about Ted Bundy's maternal grandfather?

In my search for the facts there seems to be conflicting accounts of Samuel Cowell, Bundy's maternal grandfather. There is still some speculation whether Bundy was the result of an incestous relationship between Samuel and Bundy's mother Louise. DNA would put that story to bed for good if Louise could be persuaded, which at this date, I doubt it.

By most accounts, Samuel Cowell could be more than stern, harsh would be the right word. He probably was not the easiest man to live with. This was more or less the contributing factor for Louise (Bundy's mother) to leave home. He was reported to have tortured animals just for the fun of it. We now know that is a red flag. So Ted may have been a victim of his own genetics and environment. But, and this is a big but, Bundy always had a choice.