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What is known about a Crescent Belgium double hammer fin fire double barrel shotgun with WF Co stamped in the buttstock with a large brass ring affixed to the buttstock and what is the value range?


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August 10, 2005 4:26PM

Is "fin fire" a typo for "pin-fire"? If so, I'm certain that it is not a Crescent shotgun and even more confident that it was never used by Wells Fargo Co. I would guess that someone tried to increase the selling price of an inexpensive double by adding the Wells Fargo stamp and a saddle ring. Have the barrels been cut off, too? There are so many shotguns with fake WF Co markings that no informed collector will pay any premium for this mark unless it is accompanied by a bill of sale listing the stage company as the buyer or seller and positivly identifying the gun. It would probably sell for $150-$250 as a wall decoration for a yuppie's rec room.