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Parents have to be consistent and mean it! It's tough as you know, because there usually are other kids in the family and possibly the mother works. Also, both parents should sit down and have a plan of "attack" and stick together on the rules of the house. This doesn't often happen, and either the father is over-bearing or the mother has to deal with it all on her own. Kids will always bounce back and forth from mom to dad to see what is the best deal they can get. Many parents try to be friends with their kids ... we'll you're not! Parents have to set down hard and fast rules and no, they won't always be popular and yes, your kids will hate your face for awhile, but when they get older and out in the real world they'll thank you for it. Spoiled kids are not well accepted by society, and they can have serious problems in the workplace as well. Each species on earth has rules and regulations for survival. If your kids are 6 or older and things haven't been consistent it's going to take patience, hard fast rules around the house, and perhaps parental counseling. It's worth it. Good luck Marcy

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Q: What is lack of control by a parent?
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