What is land farming?

A land farm is a "farm" that literally grows land or soil. It is an operation that grows clean dirt from oil contaminated dirt that can then be used as fill dirt in construction (since you would want to grow crops in previously contaminated soil). It is a practice that employs specially enhanced microbes that use the petroleum waste as food, breaking down the waste in the process.

Landfarming is also a term applied to waste disposal by the systematic application of waste to the land surface an the subsequent fertilizing and tilling of the ground to encourage bacteria to consume the waste. A landfarming area is designed to prevent aquifer contamination, runoff nad allow for sampling to determine the rate of decomposition. Typical wastes disposed of in this way include oily sludges. biotreater microbial sludges, sewage, and dairy and cheese plant wastes. Te waste is often pretreated with a dewatering system. Temporary landfarms may be established near drilling sites to treat incidental waste generated during the drilling process.