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What is landscaping?

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Landscaping has become more technological than natural, as few projects begin without bulldozers, lawnmowers, or chainsaws. Different areas have different qualities of plants. Fertilizers are required for this purpose in excess amounts as natural landscaping is done. Some landscapers prefer to use mix gravel with rocks of varying sizes to add interest in large areas.

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Landscaping is an art and a technology. Planning needs to be done to determine the best use of the land, the elevations, and where pipes are located. The soil and the amount of sunlight as well as climate will determine which plants will grow best. You may want to consult a landscape architect.

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What is the study of landscaping?

The study of Landscaping, is just Landscaping and is treated as an Horticultural subject

Which is best landscaping software?

The best landscaping software would depend on what features are required for your landscaping needs. For landscaping alone one could try Real Landscaping Plus. Another option is Landscaping Deck and Patio for those that have more features to their yard.

When did landscapes start?

There is no specific time for landscaping. but most of the people do the landscaping in spring. before starting landscaping do some analysis of your landscaping space. You can meet some landscaping contractor and take some good ideas from them.

When you design a garden is it called landscaping or landscape?

The ground area is the landscaping; the job you are doing is landscaping.

How does commercial landscaping differ from residential landscaping?

Differing from residential landscaping: what a beaut of an idea***Residential landscaping is the process of designing, maintaining and installation of landscape for your home. Whereas commercial landscaping services are for commercial and/or public enterprises.

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What is a good landscaping service in Orlando?

Ace landscaping is a top landscaping company that serves the entire central Florida area. They are a fully functional landscaping service, providing design, installation, and maintenance.

Front Yard Landscaping?

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Pool Landscaping Ideas?

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Where can I get backyard landscaping tips?

I really need to do something with my backyard. Where can I get tips on landscaping it?

What is the purpose of landscaping certification?

Landscaping certificatino allows you to project yourself as someone who has formal training in landscaping. It may be helpful in securing landscaping contracts if you have a certification. Of course, work experience and goos references are more important than certification

Which landscaping rock style is best for flower beds?

Any type of landscaping rock of your choice will work for flower beds. has a wide variety of landscaping rocks.

What is a landscaping planning grid?

A "blueprint" of the finished product before any landscaping takes place.

What is a good landscaping software?

A review site of landscaping softwares suggests Realtime Landscaping Plus, Landscape Deck & Patio and Home & Landscape design as the top three on the list.

What is unique about Karst landscaping?

Karst landscaping is formed by underground erosion of different kinds of rocks. Karst landscapes have a very distinctive topography, and is used by many when it comes to landscaping.

Commercial Landscaping?

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I really enjoy working outdoors, so I'm thinking about starting a landscaping business. What is some essential landscaping equipment that I'm going to need?

Well, if you subscribe to the classical belief, landscaping is only truly landscaping when using plants and beautifying the living elements outdoors. I think landscaping equipment is pretty standard, shovels, lawnmowers, stuff like that.

Are pavers considered landscaping?

Interlocking brick is considered a part of landscaping. It is called hardscaping. When one works in this field, all sorts of 'landscaping'' is involved. The two go hand in hand

What jobs are available to someone who has completed his Landscaping Certification?

There are multiple jobs available for a person with a landscaping certification. A person can start their own landscaping business or work with an already existing business.

Is landscaping covered under home owners insurance?

No, Your homeowners insurance does not cover landscaping or lawn maintenance.

Can one get landscaping distance learning online?

There are several options for specializing in landscaping via online education. The most well recognized institution offering a career diploma in landscaping would be Penn Foster Career School. Landscaping distance must be taken at in person location.

What are the goals of landscaping?

The goals in landscaping are simply to meet the needs of any landscaping desired project. This will beautify the desired area and usually make it appear natural, formal, or architecturally appealing to the eye.

Where is smith landscaping located?

smith landscaping and lawn maintenance is located @ 393 mystic av medford ma. call them for a spring cleanup smith landscaping can be reached 781-395-2154

Terrace Landscaping?

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