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It is exactly what it says on the back - one troy ounce .999 fine silver - using the design of the Morgan Dollar. These are a convenient way to invest in small amounts of silver bullion and the value is determined by the current spot silver prices which is currently a little over $7.

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Is the phrase 'E pluribus Unum' found on half dollar coins?

On current Kennedy Half Dollars it is located within the banner above the eagle on the reverse. On Franklin halves it's to the left of the bell. On Walking Liberty halves it's to the left of the eagle. On Barber halves, it's within the banner in the eagle's beak. It's not on Seated Liberty halves. On Capped Bust halves it is located within the banner above the eagle, but that banner does not appear on all dates. On Draped Bust halves from 1801 to 1807, it's within the banner that goes across the eagle. It does not appear on earlier halves.

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A 1872 US silver dollar is a Seated Liberty dollar. The obverse shows lady liberty seated (hence the name) with her head turned to the left an her body to the right. Her left arm is bent up at the elbow holding a pole with a liberty cap on top of the pole. The right arm is straight down her side with the hand supporting a shield with a banner that has the word Liberty on it. In the fields of the coin are 7 stars left & 6 stars right with the date at the bottom of the coin. The reverse has a perched eagle shield on breast wing tips down holding arrows and olive branches. Above the eagle a banner with the motto "in god we trust" and above that United States Of America. Below the eagle is the denomination One Dol.

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Trenton is the capital city in the U.S. state of New Jersey. The official Seal of New Jersey includes a banner with the motto "Liberty and Prosperity" and the date of New Jersey's statehood.

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