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Latent heat- the amount of heat required by a system/ substance to change phase. It's also heat absorbed or radiated during a change of phase at a constant temperature and pressure.
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What is Latent Heat of Condensation?

When water vapor condenses back to liquid water, it lets go of internal structural energy in order to revert back to liquid state. THe energy released is Lantent heat of condensation.

What is sensible and latent heat?

Sensible heat is potential energy in the form of thermal energy or heat. The thermal body must have a temperature higher than its surroundings. The thermal energy can be transported via conduction, convection, radiation or by a combination thereof. The quantity or magnitude of sensible heat is the ( Full Answer )

What is the latent heat of fusion?

It is the amount of heat that is required to melt something, and the amount of heat that it gives off when it freezes. (They are the same amount.)

What is the latent heat of vaporization?

The latent heat of vaporization is what is commonly referred to asboiling. This is the amount of energy require to change from astate of liquid to vapor.

What is the latent heat of fission?

Latent heat of fission is analogous to latent heat of fusion (see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Enthalpy_of_fusion) except that it applies to the state of change from liquid to gas. Also see http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latent_heat.

What is meant by latent heat?

heat absorbed or released in a phase change that does not cause a change in temperature.

Difference between latent heat and specific latent heat?

latent heat is the heat energy required to convert the substance from its solid form to its liquid form while specific latent heat is the quantity of heat required to convert unit mass from solid to liquid without change in temperature.

How do you define latent heat?

Latent heat is the amount of heat released or absorbed when asubstance undergoes a change of state. The amount of heat does notinclude any change in the temperature of the substance.

What is the latent heat of vaporization for plastic?

There are many different kinds of plastic, so there would be no "fixed" latent heat of vaporization. Additionally, heating most plastics would not cause them to vaporize. They would burn in the presence of air (oxygen), or pyrolize in an inert atmosphere. Plastics won't generally change from a liqui ( Full Answer )

Latent heat of fusion of water?

The specific latent heat of fusion of water is 334 kJ/kg. Ice meltsat 0 degrees Celsius and boils at 100 degrees Celsius.

Define Latent heat of Vapourisation?

Latent heat of vapourisation can be define as the rate by which water is heat to vapourise, it has a difference with evaporation because evaporation occurs directly when the water start heatin while vapourisation always start in a specific temperature

What is Latent heat of vaporation?

Latent heat of vapourisation is the amount of energy absorbed by a substance when it changes from a liquid to a gas without any change in temperature. It can be calculated by using the equation L v =E/m where L v is the latent heat of vapourisation, E is the energy and m is the mass of the substa ( Full Answer )

Latent heat of fusion of ice?

It is defined as the amount of heat required for the 1 mole of ice to bring a change in its state, that is, from solid state to liquid state. It is also known as enthalpy of fusion, specific melting point or latent heat of fusion of ice. The particular temperature at which there is a change in the s ( Full Answer )

Why is latent heat important to the atmosphere?

Latent heat is an important form of atmospheric energy. Latent heatis a property of water vapor in the atmosphere and when water vaporcondenses it releases latent heat. Latent heat must be supplied toevaporate liquid water and this heat affects the behavior of theweather.

What is the latent heat of vapourisation?

The latent heat of vaporisation is the energy required to convertliquid to gas. It is expressed in joules per gram and varies fromsubstance to substance. The energy is required to enable themolecules of liquid to overcome the molecular attraction betweenmolecules and break free to become free-moving ( Full Answer )

Which is high sensible or latent heat?

I think sensible heat is higher because it accompanies a change in temperature whereas in latent there is no temperature change

What is the latent heat of ice?

Latent heat is the energy required to change the state of ice to liquid when it is at 0 degrees C. Measure in Joules.

What process releases latent heat?

1. Process that release "Latent Heat" : a. Freezing, b. Condensation, - (Greatest amount of released Latent Heat.) c. Deposition. 2. Process that absorbs "Latent Heat" : a. Melting, b. Evaporation, - (Greatest amount of absorbed Latent Heat.) c. sublimation.

What is the latent heat of vaporization for water?

The latent heat of vaporization for water is 539.6 cal/gram. The only thing can be cosidered is the total amount of heat added to water to vaporize at what atmospheric pressure.it may change the latent heat of vaporization. 2250 kJ/Kg

Examples of latent heat of fusion?

You can have a glass of water at a temperature of 32 degrees F, and you can have a little block of ice with the same temperature and weight as the water. What's the difference ? Simply cooling water to 32 degrees doesn't cause it to solidify. You have to continue removing heat from it, during which ( Full Answer )

How does latent heat help the atmosphere?

Water vapor in the atmosphere is extremely important. It is water vapor that changes into both liquid and solid cloud particles that fall to the Earth as precipitation. When water vapor changes to liquid water or ice, it releases large amounts of latent heat. Latent heat is a huge source of atmosphe ( Full Answer )

Latent heat of vaporization is the same as latent heat of sublimation?

No. Latent heat of vaporization is defined as the energy required to VAPORIZE 1 kilogram of a liquid completely at its boiling point. Latent heat of sublimation is the energy required to SUBLIME 1 kilogram of a solid completely into a gas at constant temperature. They're different. Note that the tem ( Full Answer )

What is latent heat of fusion defined as?

The amount of heat released / absorbed from a substance at constanttemperature as you change state from liquid->solid /solid->liquid.

How is latent heat added to the atmosphere?

'Latent heat' means heat that is absorbed but does not result in a temperature increase. A good example of latent heat is boiling of water: H2O(l) + heat = H2O(g) However, the temperature remains at 100 deg C while water is boiling, so that the heat being consumed is used to vaporize water and not t ( Full Answer )

What is the specific latent heat of metal?

It depends on which type of metal you are talking about: Metal. Latent Heat of Fusion. (kJ/kg) . (cal/g) . Aluminum. 398. 95. Antimony. 161. 38.5. Beryllium. 1356. 324. Bismuth. 51.9. 12.4. Cadmium. 55. 13.2. Chromium. 331. 79. Cobalt. 25. 66. Copper. 205. 49. Gold. 6 ( Full Answer )

Define latent heat of fusion and latent heat of vapourisation?

Latent heat of fusion is the heat energy required to convert the substance from its solid form to its liquid form without change in temperature while latent heat of vaporisation of a substance is the quantity of heat required to change the substance from liquid to vapour without change in temperatur ( Full Answer )

Why does water have a high latent heat?

This is because of its polar nature - water molecules have a strong dipole, therefore, the water molecules attract each other more than most other molecules do.

What is the unit of latent heat of fusion?

The latent heat of fusion is defined as the heat energy required to convert a kg of a substance of liquid into solid of the same substance without a change of temperature. Q = mL where Q = Heat Energy in joules, m=mass of substance, L= Latent heat of fusion Taking units, [J] = [kg] [L] [ ( Full Answer )

How do you calculate the latent heat of vaporization?

I would presume the question is about cause of energy demand on phase change. Liquid content as liquid because of interaction force between molecules (dipole, H-bond, van der Waals etc) it could calculate the heat of vaporization by the amount of energy to dissociate these bonding. For normal en ( Full Answer )

Why is specific Latent Heat important?

latent heat is heat used or released in changing state. important because it is why sweating cools us. the latent heat of the evaporation cools our skin as the sweat evaporates

Si unit of latent heat?

Latent heat is a type of heat, and heat is a type of energy. Therefore, units of energy are used. In the SI, that would be the joule.

What does latent heat causes?

Latent heat has the ability to do something in a given time period. Take a water heated radiator, latent heat has the ability to make the radiator warm or hot according to the temprature of the water. It will continue to do this until the water stops flowing through the radiator and the radiator beg ( Full Answer )

Why latent heat is called latent?

The term was introduced around 1762 by Joseph Black. It is derived from the Latin latere ( to lie hidden ). Black used the term in the context of calorimetry when referring to the heat transferred that caused a change of volume while the thermodynamic system was held at constant temperature. In co ( Full Answer )

What is the latent heat of sublimation?

When a substance is below the triple point, the equilibrium will be between solid and vapor rather than solid/liquid or liquid/vapor. Sublimation is the direct change from solid to vapor without any intermediate phase change. The latent heat of sublimation is the energy required to change a given qu ( Full Answer )

What does the latent heat of fusion represent?

The amount of heat energy required to solid substance solid into aliquid state without any changes in temperature ______________________ Apex: The amount of energy required to turn a mole of a solid intoa liquid

What is latent heat of LPG?

Because LPG is a mixture, the value of the latent heat will depend on the exact composition of the mixture. The main components of LPG are: . propane - C 3 H 8 . propylene (propene) - C 3 H 6 . isobutane - C 4 H 10 . n-butane - C 4 H 10 . butylene (butene) - C 4 H 8 Since LPG is usual ( Full Answer )

How do you find dimension of latent heat?

dimensions are just the measurements of Length, width and Height so i think to measure the dimension you just measure the object and record the distance

Can latent heat be zero?

No, latent heat can never be zero.Because latent heat is the hidden heat so there has to be heat more than zero.

What is the use of latent heat in vaporization?

Calculating heat absorbed or released when any gas / liquid transformation takes place. . I'm not an engineer, but I would imagine these calculations are performed in designing steam plants to make electricity. Water must be boiled, the steam runs thru a steam turbine, then it is condensed into wa ( Full Answer )

What is latent heat of fusion of a solid?

It is the amount of heat (measured in the proper unit, say calories) required to change a unit mass (measured in the proper units, say gram) of a substance from the solid to the liquid state. This would also be the heat given out by a unit mass of the liquid when it changes to the solid state.

What is the definition of the term 'latent heat'?

Latent heat is the amount of energy that is needed to change the state of matter. Either from a solid to a liquid, from a liquid to gas or vice versa. For example if you boil a kettle of water, energy or latent heat is added to the water from the element within the kettle. The water will heat up and ( Full Answer )

What happens when latent heat is released?

There is so-called latent heat involved in various chemical andphysical changes. Let's just consider one of these, the change fromthe liquid to the solid state. When you cool a quite small volumeof water towards the freezing point the temperature stop decreasingat the freezing point until that water ( Full Answer )

Latent heat energy levels?

The latent heat energy levels refers to the heat absorbed during achange phase at a constant pressure and temperature.

What is the similar dimension as latent heat?

Latent Heat is the amount of heat transfer during a phase change,like when ice melts or liquid water boils to steam. The temperatureis constant during this change. The amount of heat depends on theparticular substance and the mass of substance. The units of LatentHeat property are something like cal ( Full Answer )

What does latent heat of fusion measure?

The amount of heat required to melt a solid material into liquid (say ice into water) without any rise in temperature is known to be the latent heat of fusion or latent heat of melting.