What is le cassoulet?

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Cassoulet is a rich, slow-cooked casserole originating in the south of France,. It usually contains meat including pork sausages, goose, or mutton. It is where we get our word casserole from.

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Q: What is le cassoulet?
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What region in France does le cassoulet come from?

Le cassoulet is a specialty of south-western France, around the area of Toulouse.

What does 'le cassoulet' mean in French?

Le cassoulet is a recipe from south western France. It is a dish of cooked white beans, cooked with Toulouse sausages and gravy.

What actors and actresses appeared in Qui veut du cassoulet - 2006?

The cast of Qui veut du cassoulet - 2006 includes: Franck Bartoli as Mathieu Sonia Brunet as Sophie Alain Kerneuzet as Monsieur Michon Victorien Robert as Le livreur Antoine Wernert as Le jeune Homme

Wout does cassoulet mean in french?

cassoulet is a French recipe for cooked beans with meat.

What is cassoulet?

Cassoulet is a ragoût, or meat-and-bean stew, from Languedoc, a region of Southwestern France. The word comes from the Languedoc name for the vessel it is cooked in: cassolo.

A slow cooked french stew containing white haricot beans and meat?

le cassoulet (masc.) is a recipe from south western France, with white beans and meat.

What are toulouse food specialties?

Cassoulet is a tradishanal dish in toulouse

Where could one find an authentic recipe for cassoulet?

One can find an authentic recipes for Cassoulet from a number of food related websites. They can be found on sites such as Allrecipes, Epicurious and Budget Bites.

What country does Cassoulet come from?

The dish originates from South-West France.

What is the name of french stew containing haricot bean and onions and meat?


What is a French stew of various meats haricot beans onions and herbs?


What is a slow-cooked french stew containing white haricot beans?


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