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What is lenz law?

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Lenz's law is named after Heinrich Lenz's law is a common way of understanding how electromagnetic circuits obey Newton's third law and the conservation of energy.

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Is there any application of Lenz law in DC motor?

yes lenz law states that every current opposes the reason which cause the generation of that current . it is very useful for considering back emf in dc motor. The lenz law also help us to determine the supply voltage of DC motor.

Which law gives the direction of induced current?

LENZ LAW gives the direction of induced current.

Who discovered lenz's law?

SCIENTIST: Heinrich Friedrich Emil Lenz

What is the equation for lenz law?

The Lenz's law equation is the same as the faraday equation but Lenz found a way to predict the direction of the induced electromotive force and current from electromagnetic induction.

What is lenz's law?

The Lenz Law is "An induced electromotive force generates a current that induces a counter magnetic field that opposes the magnetic field generating the current." It was invented by a Russian Physicist named Heinrich Lenz.

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