What is life in Pakistan?

Life in Pakistan is pretty much the same as Life in other parts of the world except the fact that there is a great cultural and socioeconomic diversity in lifestyles due to income inequalities and different ethnic groups living in the country.

Life in cities of Pakistan is as fast as one can assume it to be, more than 36% people living in cities make it most urbanized country of South Asia. Roads congested with traffic, shopping centres busy all day long, food streets attracting people 24/7 and sports, primarily cricket, in every other street makes life in city thrilling and amazing. Big cities like Lahore, Islamabad, Karachi, Multan etc hold cultural and arts exhibitions, music concerts and festivals and gain wide attraction from people from peripheral countrysides.

Life in rural areas is serene and peaceful. Vast green fields stretching to the horizons, lovely pastures, mud houses (very few of them though), wandering cattle, and extreme weather make them special.

The overheard security issue is just something in the news. People don't want to put brakes to their busy lives for more than a moment in which they listen to the headline news screaming of some bomb blast or thingy like that.

Life in Pakistan is Chill!! Come and see it yourself. Trust me its a great experience.