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Premium financing involves the lending of funds to a person or company to cover the cost of an insurance premium. Premium finance loans are often provided by third party finance entity known as a Premium Financing Company.


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Premium financing is basically a loan to pay for insurance or insurances. The main benefit of using premium financing is the ability to organize numerous policies under one monthly payment. It is also used to spread out payments for insurance policies that have a large upfront sum that is needed.

This would be financing your premium. Some companies have payments plans and sometimes you go through a premium finance company. Premium finance companies are generally used for larger premiums like commercial accounts.

Premium on debenture is shown in cash flow from financing activities because debentures are used to finance the business activities.

if you a financing a boat and it is used as collatoral you must have insurance. if there are no leins against the boat, insurance is not mandatory.

Usually a level term life insurance policy would be used for mortgage loan life insurance protection. Level term offers coverage for a duration of 10, 15, 20 or 30 years with a level premium and level amount of coverage provided by the policy for the entire duration of coverage. Another option is decreasing term life insurance where the premiums remain level but the amount of life insurance coverage decreases each year throughout the life of the term insurance policy.

They refund you the remainder of the premium not used for the year.

The type of life insurance that is more than often used as mortgage insurance is known as decreasing term.

Why would there be one. Term life insurance has no cash value when you surrender may get a refund of premium I guess if it is surrendered before it is all used. That's just a refund. The cost of the premiums you paid is entirely used for the protection for that period of time.

Insurance can be used to cover a number of things such as: life insurance, auto insurance, travel insurance, home insurance, and business or corporate insurance.

There are many things that would make a mortgage insurance premium increase. Mortgage insurance is used when someone dies and pays money so that the mortgage will be paid. Smoking or participating in dangerous activities will increase the premiums.

yes insurance premium for vehicles used for commercial purpose is considerably more compared to that of vehicles used for private purpose.

The importance of life insurance is that it provides financial security for the future of those you name as beneficiary on your life insurance policy. Life insurance is a contract that pays out a life isnruance death benefit in return for the premium payments, subject to the terms, conditions, and exclusions in the contract. The life insurance proceeds can be used by the beneficiary for any reason they choose. That means you can name your family members as beneficiaries to your life insurance policy and they could receive the proceeds upon your death, if the life insurance policy is still "In Force". The proceeds from a life insurance policy may be used for any number of reasons including, paying off a mortgage, paying college tuition for your kids, providing funds for your spouse's retirement, paying for your final expenses, or providing money for your family to continue their current lifestyle. Life insurance provides the financial means for your beneficiaries to have a financially secure future if you are no longer there to provide for them.

Yes a term insurance calculator will be accurate. I bought my insurance from Bharti AXA and used the calculator on their website before buying.

Universal life insurance is a form of life insurance, a policy used to provide a family with money after the death of the one getting the insurance. Universal life insurance can be purchased from many of the leading life insurance companies, including Nationwide and American Family.

When purchasing guaranteed life insurance, you should consider whether you want to purchase guaranteed whole life or guaranteed term life. Benefits and coverage never change with guaranteed whole life. Guaranteed term life has lower premium, can be used to pay off high debt and no medical exam is needed. In addition, when purchasing guaranteed life insurance there is a waiting period before you receive full coverage, and you’re covered for a specific time period.

They are equity financing and debt financing.

Any life insurance policy can be cancelled by an insurance company for non-payment of premium. Check with the company to see if her policy contains a "waiver of premium" feature. If it does, she does not have to pay the premiums, and may even be entitled to a refund for premiums paid during her extended illness. Alternately, if her policy contains cash value or accumulated dividends, these may be used to pay premiums. Good luck

You have to pay off the car. Unless there was a fault with the car that caused the accident, the dealership is home free. Surprising that they did not require collision insurance as part of the financing.

There is unfortunately no such thing as charity insurance so no one can know what it is or what it can be used for. One can get life, home, fire, and flood insurance, but no one can get charity insurance.

Preneed life insurance is a specialized form of life insurance or annuity used to fund the predetermined expenses of a funeral. It can be helpful.

Just about anyone with the premium. If you are asking who you can buy it for and be benificiary, contact your agent, some states have laws pertaining to who's life you can insure. There is no stopping anyone from buying life insurance. From children to senior citizens, from those in the pink of health to those with chronic health issues, there is a policy out there to suit everyone. Rather than ask who can buy life insurance, you should ask yourself if you need life insurance. And the answer will always be a resounding yes. Life insurance can help plan for the future and prepare for any untoward tragedy in your family. Life insurance can be used as a replacement of income, to pay for funeral expenses, pay off debts and mortgages and look after your family when you are no more. There is no reason for anyone not to opt for an insurance policy and secure his or her future.

When you get insurance on a car, a house, a boat, you pay the insurance company money, known as premiums. The insurance company invests that money. When there is a claim, some of the premium, along with some of the interest from the invested money, is used to pay the claim.

Term insurance is NOT permanent! As the name suggests, the policy is designed to protect for a specific term or number of years. Rates are fixed for a certain number of years selected at policy purchase time. Before the policy expiration, the policy owner has the option to convert the policy to a permanent coverage if insurance is still needed, or let it lapse and stop paying premiums. Some term insurance has a return of premium clause, which allows that premiums be returned and can be used to buy a paid up permanent policy, for a lower benefit amount, without any underwriting. Not all companies have the option to convert to a permanent life insurance policy. Ask for a convertible term life insurance policy when you're looking for term insurance, just in case you may still need the coverage beyond the initial term period. ANOTHER EXPLANATION: No, term life insurance is not a permanent policy. That word applies only to whole life insurance. In term insurance, premiums are fixed for a certain number of years selected at the time of application. One of the choices is usually a level premium for a fixed period of years. The thing to understand about term insurance is that premiums increase with age, unless the level premium option is selected. Even then, the premiums remain level only for a fixed period of time, for example, 20 years.

A local insurance agency would be one place where standard life insurance could be purchased. The website "Insure" can also be used to purchase this kind of insurance.

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