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What is life like in Kenya?

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Many people have to share a toilet with other families and often people have no electricity.

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What is Urban life like in Kenya?


What is life like in the slums of Kenya?


What is life like for people who live in Kenya?

not good

What is the life expectancy of Kenya?

The life expectancy of Kenya is 48 years.

What is daily life like in Kenya?

running around fighting tigers etc.

How is life in Kenya today?

kenya is fasing some things like aids. aids are even in the children. some people die because of aids.

What are the people of Kenya and where do they live?

The people of Kenya are human's and live, like you said.... in "Kenya".

How do you to put Kenya in a sentence?

As Kenya is a place, you could say things like 'I went to Kenya' or 'I am going to Kenya' etc

What is the similarities between Kenya and the UK?

we are nothing alike the british are dumb and dont value life like we do

Kenya life expectancy?


What is the average life span in Kenya?


What was the punishment for murder in Kenya?

Life in prison.

What is the difference between city life and village life in Kenya?


Is Kenya an LEDC or an MEDC?

Kenya is an LEDC because its life expectancy and HDI is low therefore it is a LEDC!

How do you say I like in Kenya?

One of the national languages in Kenya is Swahili. The phrase "I like" translated into Swahili is "mimi kama." The other national language in Kenya is English.

What are the important events of Kenya?

well Kenya leapond 2 is stupid like you

What is in Kenyas sea?

what is the sea like in Kenya ? also what is around the sea like ? and what short of features are there in seaside hoildays in Kenya?

Life expectancy in kenya?

I think it is over 90

How many life and deaths have there been in Kenya?


What is tourism like in Kenya?

Tourism is the biggest income earner for Kenya. Kenya is home to the Safari, thus when you think of going to the wild animals haven, think Kenya. The Kenya coast- the beaches is like no other. The big-five animals including the Kenya lion are a great attraction to the Kenya safari. Plus the wildebeest migration also takes place in Kenya every year bringing a huge tourism boost to the country.Safari very popular in Kenya .

What is the land like in Kenya?

it is dry

What is the economy like in Kenya?


How is Kenya like?

Hot and humit.

What was schools like in Kenya?


What are the plants in Kenya like?

They are green.

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