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First thing,nudist places are no longer called colonies. Because the term "colony" sounds barbaric, this term puts a negative light on nudists and naturists. So the accepted terms are: Naturist (or nudist) Clubs,Resorts or Nudist Beaches.

Life at the resorts or clubs is simple. We are people who just want to relax and recreate in the outdoors without clothes. At the resorts or clubs,we swim,hike,play volleyball & other simple but fun sports. It's almost like how Adam & Eve lived,except we have rooms w/ beds to sleep in. We don't force our beliefs on anyone and we do wear clothes now and then,just not 24/7.

We even have cookouts (yes..the cook wears an apron! ha-ha!),dances and special occaision parties. All of these gatherings and activities are overseen by the owners and club/resort directors.

Sexual activity (especially with children!!),drunkeness,drug-use,weapons and/or violence are not tolerated at all. Anyone in violation is not only asked to leave but has their name put on a list of offenders,and will not be admitted to any naturist related places anywhere in the world.

If you are a couple,your "togetherness" should only be expressed in your private room. So,basically a naturist club/resort is a great place to feel free and more like the human being you actually are,instead of what society says that you are. We weren't born with clothes,so when possible and comfortable to do so,we just chill out and relax without them.

Personally,I feel more equal to people there,than I do in the regular world where everyone feels the need to judge and categorize us all.

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The duration of Nudist Colony of the Dead is 1.5 hours.

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In a nudist colony! YEA

Will you get fired if you go to work naked?

Not if you work on a nudist colony.

How can you tell a blind man in a nudist colony?

It isn't hard!

How do you start your own nudist colony?

The question is stupid and offensive. Ants live in colonies. Lepers live in colonies. Nudists don't. Nudist live and/or vist a nudist camp or resort.

What is it like to be a nudist?

Very intriguing you get to look at naked girls it's the life man

Can you apply for a job in the nude?

No you can not, unless you're seeking employment in a nudist colony.

What is a group of nudists called?

They are people who dont wear clothes

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The cast of Nudist Life - 1961 includes: Frank Decker as Narrator

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What was life like in the colony of Massachusetts?

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You like to get naked.

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clothes are not allowed in a naked store Perhaps you mean "Clothes are not allowed" the bathtub, in a nudist colony...

Are Breckenridge vacation rentals expensive?

Breckenridge vacation rentals range in price depending on how many people you plan on staying with while you are there. As a nudist colony, Breckenridge provides a safe atmosphere for children and nudist animals.

What do girls in nudest colonies do on there period?

They either use an insertable sanitary pad, like Tampax, or use a regular pad and wear clothes. You do not HAVE to be nude at a naturist gathering. (Nudist colony)

What is it called if you like to be naked?

the term would be a nudist

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