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What is lift gate on 2001 Ford Explorer?


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That's the door on the rear of the Explorer , where you can open the window

separately or open the liftgate with the window closed

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The lift gate is on the rear of the Ford Explorer

To fix a 1999 Ford Explorer with a rear lift gate that will not open, first check to make sure the lock is not damaged or broken. Then, access the inside of the lift gate by entering the vehicle. Unbolt the lift gate from the hinges and remove the gate. You can then repair the lock or see if the mounting arms are bent or damaged.

you put your hands on the trunk and pull

super lift carries a body lift for the sport trac

On the remote to open it you need to press the blue button on it.

On a 2001 Ford Windstar : The liftgate is the big door at the rear of the vehicle that opens by going up

you have to remove the 2 brackets of the rear panel situated where the rear window close, then take the rear panel up, that's all

remove the trim from the interior of the lift gate. There is access to the connecting rods that will release the catch from the Nader bolts.

You can purchase a lift gate for a 1999 Ford F150 from auction websites such as eBay. Alternatively, you can purchase this item from classifieds such as Craigslist.

4 wheel parts has them check them out i also saw a explorer kit that did the same pa body lift will help you if all else fails wish u the best i am doing the same to mine

On my 1995 Ford Explorer I go around to the passenger side and tip the rear seatback forward and lift the panel that is directly behind the seat . The ( 2 ) extension rods are held in place by clips underneath the panel

Check out this site

which fuse controls the lift gate or interior lights on a 2003 ford expedition

It is either a front Alignment issue...or the engine needs a lift.

It has a lift gate or tail gate-not both.

It's right under the Jeep logo on the lift gate.

The lift gate won't work if the glass is open. Sometimes it is open but not obviously so ... I would suggest opening the glass, slamming it shut ... then try the lift gate again.

Door Latch 1. Disconnect the negative battery cable. 2. Remove the lift gate trim panel. 3. On navigator, remove the license plate bracket. 4. Remove the lift gate latch screws. 5. Separate the lift gate latch from the lift gate. 6. Detach the door open warning lamp electrical connector *** Warning*** 7. Disconnect the lift gate latch control cable. 8. Remove the lift gate latch. 9. The installation is the reverse of the removal. > If necessary, use Multi-Purpose Grease Spray F5AZ-19G209-AA or equivalent meeting Ford Specification ESR-M1C159-A to lubricate the latch.

How do you replace rear lift gate unit on 2004buick rendevous

This is a software problem, not a fuse. Your Dodge Dealer has to correct the issue!

Yes, transfer case is the only difference between the two. it will work

Here is a link to Ford's Technical Service Bulletin (TSB) concerning this problem: This should answer your question... Incidentally, I own Al's Body Shop, Billings, MT

The cast of Lift Gate - 2010 includes: Jenny Heaton as Lady Princess Yuri Sardarov as Isaac

The lift gate on a 2003 Dodge Durango can be opened from the inside if the latch is not working. There is a latch on the floor close to the door that can be tripped with the use of a screwdriver to open the gate. The cable for the gate might need to be repaired after this.

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