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What is light?

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Light is a form of energy which gives a sensation of sight to eyes. It enables the eyes to see objects by the light the objects reflect or shadow.

Light is a part of the electromagnetic spectrum. Some restrict "light" to what humans can detect with our eyes but many scientists simply use the word light to mean any and all forms of electromagnetic radiation. To refer to light we can see, they often use the adjective "visible".

Electromagnetic radiation is particle-waves. It possesses properties of both particles and waves. It has both a vibrating electric field and a magnetic field, each at right angles to the other and at right angles to its direction of travel. It is always travelling at a speed of roughly 2.998 x 10 8 metres/sec. Experiments with the photoelectric effect shows energy is transferred between atoms in discreet packets of energy suggesting a particle nature. In any case, "waves" and "particles" are only abstractions we use to visualise what we can't imagine because it is outside of our normal frame of reference.

(*Light travels through transparent materials at a slower rate of speed, according to the material's refractive index.)
Light is a visible energy given out by the sun, a light bub ect

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Light is a form of energy which enables us to see objects around us.

Light = radiant energy

3 groups of Light:




White light from sun is composed of 7 colors.

Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet = ROYGBIV


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What are Examples of visible light?

- red light - yellow light - magenta light - orange light - beige light - peacock blue light - green light - fuschia light - chartreuse light - olive light - moonlight - candle light

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What is fraction of light?

Light is indivisible in the sense that any part of light, if it is perceived, is still light.Light is indivisible in the sense that any part of light, if it is perceived, is still light.Light is indivisible in the sense that any part of light, if it is perceived, is still light.Light is indivisible in the sense that any part of light, if it is perceived, is still light.

Is a traffic light a light reflector or light source?

light source

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How does the moon emit light?

The Moon does NOT emit light. To emit light you have to be a source of light and the Moon is not a source of light. The Moon REFLECTS light. The light it reflects comes from the Sun (which does emit light).

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Examples of natural and artificial light?

Natural light- sun light. Artificial light- torch light..

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To collect light.To collect light.To collect light.To collect light.

What words can go before light?

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Does the auroras look like poles of light curtains of light branches of light or planets of light?

Auroras looks like the poles of light curtains. It does not look like light branches of light or planets of light.

An object that gives out light is it a light source or it is a light energy?

It is a light source.

What does light light no light mean?

Its Means There Light and then its Not That what I Think -Omran Jaf-

What is light is light energy?

Light allows us to see & light is an energy.

What is the Homograph for light?

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What kind of light is normal light that you use?

The answer is visible light. Visible light is light that can be seen with a naked eye

Does yellow light and blue light make green light?

No you will get White light. no you wont will get a light green colour..

What color does blue light and red light make?

blue light and red light make purple light

Is light from the sun the same thing as light from a light bulb?

no because light from the light bulb is electrical and the sun is not

What is a secondary light source?

A secondary light source is something that does not produce light but reflects light such as the moon. Or it is a light source that adds to the light already there.

What coloured light makes white light when mixed with green light?

Magenta coloured light makes white light when mixed with green light

Why do shadows get larger when the light source is closer?

The closer you are to the light the smaller the source of light gets, but at the same time the closer you are to the light the stronger the light. the further you are to the light the weaker the light.