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What is lita doing now?

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lita is now in a band luchagors and is doing very well she lives in atlanta so far that's all i know

lita is in a band

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Where is Amy Dumas aka Lita?

Amy Dumas retired from WWE and is now doing work with her band The Luchagores.

Is lita married now?

No she is not

Will Lita stay with Edge?

As of now, Edge and Lita are not affiliated to one another in WWE

Was lita really edge's girlfriend?

yes but not anymore.lita left Matt for edge but parted after lita left the wwe. edge is now dating another women and lita is married now.

Who is lita going out with now?

Amy "Lita" Dumas is going out with Shane Morton from her band The Luchagors!

What are the lyrics to mnohaya lita?

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Is cm punk dating lita or not?

As of now - No. Punk and Lita are currently not dating. Punk was dating Lita during 2009 and the couple had a lengthy relationship but recently it was made known that the couple isn't dating anymore. As of now Punk is Single.

How old is WWE lita right now?


What is the name of who lita is going out with?

Amy Dumas (lita) is now going out with someone called Shane Morton from her band The Luchagors!

Does WWE diva lita have kids?

Lita has two kids July 2010 Someone doesn't know what they are talking about, because Lita doesn't not now nor has she ever had any children!

What ever happened to lita ford?

Lita Ford is currently doing work for the charity Toys For Tots. She is paired with her former Runaways bandmate Cherie Currie.

Did Lita get married?

YEs 2 times now she has a boyfriend

Where is Amy dumas staying?

She now resides in Atlanta, Georgia. She does to some traveling around the States. Look at her website would be the best bet for where she is and what she is doing. Remember Lita is number 1.

Is Lita coming back to WWE?

Right now, I don't see Lita coming back to the WWE. She said, "It takes to much of my time, and I have a lot on my plate." On July 2, 2006, Lita had her last match against Mickie James at Survivor Series.Because that was her last match, her contract expired at the WWE. I was hoping that she was going to to TNA or Impact. (That is where most of the wrestlers or divas went when they got fired.) She had a serious injury. Lita is now only doing guest appearances on Monday Night Raw, but that hasn't happened since last year. Just remember, right now, it looks like you are going to just have to watch the glorious matches on Youtube. :'(

Who is Adam Copeland's wife now?

He has a girlfriend named Amy Dumas (Lita).

Why doesnt lita wrestle anymore?

She is in a Punk Rock Band now. The Luchagors.

What is Lita Ford's sexual orientation?

Lita Ford is straight. She is married to Jim Gilette (former singer of "Nitro") for almost 18 years now and has two sons.

What is the birth name of Lita Richardson?

Lita Richardson's birth name is Lita Spencer.

Where is WWE Lita?

Lita is now in a punk rock band the Luchagors and she has her radio station called punkrockalypse on sunday's 9-10pm it is only found in the Atlanta,Georgia area

Is lita restling now and who is her husband?

No she is not wrestling nor is she married, but she is dating CM Punk

Did lita leave on pourpouse?

Clarify: Who is "Lita"?

Who is lita dating now?

Former WWE wrestler Lita isn't currently dating anyone. She previously dated wrestlers Matt Hardy, Shane Morton, Edge and CM Punk.

What is the birth name of Lita Roza?

Lita Roza's birth name is Lilian Patricia Lita Roza.

Stone cold and lita?

What about Stone Cold and Lita, Did they do it....Did they what!!!!!

How do you unlock lita on svr 2010 on wii?