What is locomotory organ of amoeba?

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The pseudopodia or False-feet is the locomotory organ of amoeba.It is the finger like projection of its cytoplasm.
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What is an amoeba?

An amoeba is a unicellular, genderless organism that belongs to theProtista kingdom & can reproduce through asexual reproduction. Amoeba are the unicellular, microscopic organism which moves by thehelp of pseudopodia (false foot)

What does an amoeba do?

Answer . An amoeba is a shapeless blob of jelly that engulfs random objects on its way to know where in particular. Amoeba move by using their pseudopodium which is a "false leg." Amoeba can be harmful or helpful to man-kind and other living things. Amoebas are composed of just one cell. They are ( Full Answer )

Does an amoeba have organs?

Yes, but not in the organs that large forms of life have, such as stomach, intestines livers, etc. Instead, they have what are called vacuoles. These vacuoles are small, circular pockets inside the amoeba spontaneously creates that can either digest food or excrete waste. When an amoeba eats, it eng ( Full Answer )

What body part does an Amoeba organism use to get its food?

The ameoba has a body part called the "pseuodopod" (pronounced sudopod). Which it uses to move and eat with as well. It extends the "pseuodopod" around it's food then pulls it towards the rest of the body to be digested. It does that same thing to move except ulling it self along. The things that a ( Full Answer )

What is an amoeba eaten by?

by frogs or other pond living creatures in the area, it all depends on the habitat

How can you find amoeba?

There is no difference. Amoebas reproduce by cell division. This person is right. The Amoeba goes through mitosis. Which means they multiply there selves. (They make another cell exactly identical to the cell making it.) But how does it reproduce.

Locomotory organs of amoeba?

Pseudopodia. This is an extension of the amoeba's membrane in two places for food gathering and, perhaps, one place for locomotion, by the cytoskeleton elements; the microtubules.

What is a locomotory organ?

the organs of a living organism that helps it to move is known as it's locomotive organ.

What organ system is the amoeba cell in?

Amoeba are not usually found in any organ unless there is an infection like amoebic dysentery. Amoeba are unicellular organisms that may cause infection in humans and animals.

What is the locomotory organs of Cockroach?

well it all started out in a small little place called your mum, the sun was rising and your dad was with little missy pocock :) a cockroach therefore has 4 eyes, 5 noses and a leg.

Is amoeba a immortal micro-organism?

An amoeba replicates by splitting in half asexually so that each daughter cell is the same as the parent. Running this process backward from the present, each existing amoeba is the same as its predecessor (fungible) back as far in time as the first amoeba existed. In this regard the amoeba is immor ( Full Answer )

Enumerate and describe locomotory organelles found in microorganisms?

'Flagella', also known as mastigophora. Their ability to swim makesthem adaptable in different habitats. 'Cilia' has identicalstructure as flagella and therefore can be called as miniatureflagella. 'Pseudopodia' are locomotors and food acquiringorganelles.

What is the organ for locomotion of amoeba?

The pseudopodia is the organ of locomotion of amoeba.The word pseudo means false and podia or pods means feet.As pseudopodia is the cytoplasmic projection which helps in locomotion of amoeba so it is also called as false feet.

Are amoebas large or small organisms?

They are microorganisms, consisting of only one cell, and they are so small that they cannot be seen with the unaided eye. Some organisms are smaller than amoebas, but they are still very small.

How do amoeba excreet?

an amoeba excretes through its contractile vacuoles. all the material to be excreted is brought to the contractile vacuole and from there its pumped out of the organism

How an amoeba respirate?

I believe you mean, "respire"? Because amoebas are so small, they don't need a oxygen transportation system like larger organisms. They can simply respire through diffusion of O2 across their cell membranes, which provides all the O2 they need. This is because their surface area to volume ratio i ( Full Answer )

Can an amoeba reproduce?

Yes an AMEBA (you spelled it wrong) can reproduce. It splits into two halfs and after it splits in two the parent is no longer in existence. An ameba reproduces every ten to twenty minutes

Do amoebas poop?

Actually, yes they do! Any living organism, including one celled organisms, have a mechanism for getting rid of waste. If you look at a living amoeba under a microscope, every now and then you can see it leave a small particle of waste behind. This is amoeba poop!

Is an amoeba a germ?

No. Amoebas are in the Kingdom Protista, and Germs are in theKingdom Bacteria. Basically opposite ends of the galaxy.

Does amoeba have any organs?

It has sub-components that are called Organellas. for example the food vacuole which is essential to its life-cycle.

Why is an amoeba not an animal?

Amoeba is an animal but a protist. It does not come under the kingdom animalia because it is a unicellular organism.

Does an amoeba have a choloroplast?

Most amoeba do not have chloroplasts. However, recent studies show that amoeba can obtain choloroplasts from engulfing photosynthetic alga.

What type of organism is the amoeba?

Amoeba (sometimes amœba or ameba , plural amoebae or amoebas ) is a genus of Protozoa consisting of shapeless unicellular organisms. The cell's organelles and cytoplasm are enclosed by a cell membrane ; it obtains its food through phagocytosis. This makes amoebae heterotrop ( Full Answer )

Is amoeba a microscopic organism?

From what I've researched, I think yes. I saw something that said "amoeba: the microscopic organism...". This would seem like a yes to me! :)

How can you get the amoeba?

The time-honored way to study protists, as they are now called is to take a sample of water from a local pond or lake that does have wildlife- grow a so-called hay infusion and after the incubation period , sample the water under a microscope. This is basic Biology-l stuff. The Amoeba and the Parame ( Full Answer )

Why is amoeba considered an organism?

The amoeba meets all of the usual criteria to be considered an organism. It has a metabolism, it eats and reproduces and moves. It has a biochemistry that is recognizably similar to that of cells of other species, with DNA, proteins, etc.

Why does a mammal require a transport system where as a one celled organism suchas Amoeba does not?

The reason is our size.Because mammals are so large(increased distance from the nutrients and the cells requiring them), have a high metabolic rate and a high level of activity, we have high oxygen and nutrient requirements.We also produce a relatively large amount of waste that has to be removed- a ( Full Answer )

How does the amoeba carry out growth in organism?

Amoeba, being single celled organisms, undergo a process known as Mitosis in order to grow and reproduce. Mitosis is a division of a cell in which the DNA recombines to increase genetic diversity.

Why amoeba and paramecium don't have proper organ system?

Because paramecia and amoebae are single-celled animals, and inorder to have organs you need to be multicellular (organs are madeof cells). They have to make do with organelles, like the nucleusand mitochondria.

Which statement is true for all organisms amoeba rabbit human tree?

They are all "Living Beings existing and depending on sufficient supply of Water and Air and on the stability and constancy of mixtures of organics of all their body's components and of their natural ambiente like Temp, O2, CO2, H2O, Nutrients, atmospheric pressure etc