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Kois are able to live to be 100-200 years old. The oldest Koi ever recorded was named Hanokot. It lived to be about 226 years old and was kept in a natural pond in someones backyard in Japan. Hanoko was passed on down from generation to generation.


The Sturgeon which goes back to prehistoric days. We have them in Canada and they are a protected species. Fishing of Sturgeon is 'catch and release.'

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Q: What is longest living fish?
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What is the longest living species of fish in the sea?

The longest bony fish today is the King of Herrings Oarfish (Regalecus glesne), which can reach up to 39 feet. The longest cartilaginous fish, the whale shark (Rhincodon typus), is also the overall longest fish at 60 feet long.

How old is the longest living feeder fish?

The one in my fish tank has been alive for 15 years... Do I win?

What is the the longest lived fish in the world?

a fish named Hanako was the fish who lived the longest.

What is the longest living freshwater fish in an aquariums?

A goldfish is the longest living comman freshwater fish, the oldest recorded was almost 50 they have and average lifespan of around 20+ years. However the longest is a little harder to find, it is an australan lungfish, they can live about 100+ years, but the oldest recorded is only 80, so I am not sure where they got the average age from.

Do sturgeon live in the ocean?

No. Sturgeon is a freshwater fish. Sturgeon is also one of the longest living fish, as some sturgeon live to be 100 or older.

What is the longest bony fish in the ocean also known as a ribbon fish?

The oarfish is the longest bony fish in the ocean.

What is the longest living saltwater fish?

The longest that I know of are the North Pacific Rockfish that inhabit the coastal water of BC and Alaska. They can live well over 100 years.

How long is the longest fish tail in the world?

the longest fish tail is 9ft 11inches

What is the longest living snackes?

The longest living snake is the Common Boa.

Is the most longest living fish more then 100 years old?

at the least you have the koi fish by name of hanako which lived a reported 226 years in japan.

Which are the longest living cells in the body?

the longest living cell in your body is your fist

What is the longest living mammal species?

Elephants are the longest living mammal species.

What fish survive the longest?

kitty fish

What is the longest name of a fish?

The two longest Hawaiian names for a fish are humuhumunukUnukuapuaa, and lauwiliwilinukunukuoioi.

Genius world record for longest living pit bull?

longest living pitbull

What is the longest fish name?

Lauwiliwilinukunukuoioi is the longest fish name in the Hawaiian language. It is also called the long nose butterfly fish

Longest fish ever caught?

i caught a 1 inch fish before but the longest is like 45ft i think

Who is the longest living survivor from Titanic?

Millvina Dean is the oldest and longest living Titanic Survior.

What is the world record or the longest living gerbil?

the longest living gerbil lived up to 8 years.

How long does a goldfish stay alive?

Tish the fish, in England, lived to be over 40 years old......he is the longest living goldfish on record

What is the longest fish?

The longest fish in the world is an oarfish at 17m long. It is a deep sea fish that is rarely seen and looks like a long silver ribbon or dragon.

What is the longest living hamster?

what type of hamster lives the longest

What is the best fish you can have for a pet and witch kind of fish live the longest?

the answer is anthias fish

What fish can live with sucker fish?

mostly any fish. I have a sucker fish living with tropical fish. My friend has a sucker fish living with aggressive fish.

What kind of turtles live the longest?

Sea turtles are not just the longest-living turtles, but the longest-living animals on earth. See the Related Link below.