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honestly...love depends on what u think of it...some people love their parents...that's natural...but loving someone else...well to me...it means to only think of them....even if we have no gain from it...even if it will hurt us to think of whats best for them...crushes..can be selfish...but love is when you r willing to give everything 4 that 1 person

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How someone know for love to be true?

how you know if your love is true to someone is that you follow your heart

How do you feel true love?

You'll know when it's true love. I don't know what it is, but you can feel it.

What is the secret to true love?

The True Love Is The Heart :-true love is when you know that you found the right person and you cant live without them. true love to me is talking on the phone and not wanting to get of because i know that i love hearing your voice. true love is that when you away from the one that you love you just wish and hope that they were there with you. that true love

How you know your true love?

There are a few ways in which you can tell if you know your true love. For example, if he/she is your true love you will always want whats best for them and will never hurt them.

How do you know that your true love is not cheating on you with your best friend?

True Love, REAL True Love has alot to do with faith. Faith that you will be true to the one you love and that person will be true to you. If you do not have faith that your love is being true to you, can it be "True Love"?

How can you find a true love?

You find a true love when you know that you have a place in his or her heart

How can you know true love?

when you feel like you know the person like he's your bro or sis. If you don't even know him then well not true love. sure there sometimes true love when you see the person but try to get to know him

What are signs of true love?

Whenever you're in love, you will know.

How do you know its true love?

You'll know. It just feels right. I have had 5 boyfriends and with my current one I know it's true love because it just feels right. If you've felt the same with another person before, then it's not true love. True love always feels different.

How do i know if it's true love?

True love is when you know you will be that person to the end, no matter what happens to that person you will always be their side. If something horrible happens to them, you will still love them.

How do you know if you love a person?

First of all, If you truly are in *love with someone, you would know.. Love is a hard thing to feel if it's not true. But if indeed is true, You will surely know.. :anything else to add?

How do you know your love is true?

When you look in there eyes for passion and know that I'm in love and he's the one

What is the true secrect of true love?

The secret to "true love" is first, to be friends with the person. The second secret is being patient. The third secret is "true love" requires work from both persons. when something happens, you will know you are with your true love or not....

What is The advantage of true love?

True love is a complete DISadvantage. The only advantage is that you know they love you back and could never leave you.

How can you see the true love?

You know when you are old

How do you know he is your true love?

You know he is your true love when he holds your hand in front of his friends, he will hold you when you are crying and not say anything and when you are away from him you can feel a burning in your heart. He wants to make you smile every day, and calls you at 2 in the morning just to say," you are beautiful and i love you!" That is when you know he is your true love.

How do you know when you are really in love and it is true love?

you know when its true love because u pitcure ur future together when ur with him its like the rest of the world just fades away,when u are apart all u want is to be with him if u dont know what im talking about its not true love

How can you differentiate true love from infatuation?

there is not particually a way - but if its true love, you'll feel in your heart and you'll know .

How you come to know your love is true just not an attraction?

If your love is true, he will wait to marry you...not insist you live with him before.

How do you know if you found true love?

You will not know for many, many years.

How do you know its your true love?

Only you can know what your heart truly desires...... :)

Is all love true love?

It's extremely hard to find true love, so most love won't be. When you do find true love, you'll know it in your heart and soul. Consider yourself very lucky if you do!

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