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What is lubricant for?

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== == It is a substance, as oil or grease, that reduces friction when applied as a surface coating to moving or working parts of a mechanism.

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What is flash point of a lubricant?

Each lubricant has a specific flash point; read the technical specifications for the lubricant.

What is the opposite of a lubricant?

The opposite of a lubricant would be an adhesive.

What serves as lubricant for bones that moves?

what serves as the lubricant

What is the verb of lubricant?

The verb of lubricant is lubricate. As in "to lubricate something".

What is a substance that reduces friction called?

One example would be a lubricant.Oil and greasea lubricantLubricants.lubricantoil in a car reduces frictionwater. basically any liquids. A popular one being different types of oil.Graphite.A lubricant.Oil

Which lubricant to us on a ford ranger thermostat?

Thermostats require no lubricant.

What should you lubricant the nasopharyngeal airway with before?

Water based lubricant

What is meant by weather lubricant?

the lubricant who born in any weather .... :D

Can sterile lubricant kills the sperm?

No sterile lubricant does not effect sperm.

What is the boiling point of a lubricant?

Depends on the lubricant. Each has its own set of properties.

Why is lubricant used?

A lubricant is used for temperature regulation and as a barrier from friction and overheating.

Why use lubricant?

lubricant is used to reduce friction .it so enhances the performance of an engine

What is vaginal fluid for?

It is a natural lubricant. It helps ease the comfort of penetration. If a woman does not produce enough natural lubricant, you might consider buying artificial lubricant such as KY.

What is the opposite of lubricant?

Glue is the functional opposite of 'lubricant'. A lubricant reduces friction between two surfaces while a glue increases the adherence between two substances.

Could you see the word lubricant used in a sentence?

Whoever told me that WD-40 was a lubricant was wrong. Oil is a better lubricant than grease, in most applications.

Why oil and grease and not water is used in machines as lubricant?

Lubricants help to reduce friction and yes although water can reduce friction, it is not used as a lubricant. Water is not used as the lubricating strength of water is not as high as oil which is thicker than water. Hence water cannot act as a better lubricant than oil.To know more about Quality Lubricant Oil Contact us at Gars Lubricants.

Is phosphorous a lubricant?

No !

What can a lubricant do?


Is the spermicidal lubricant on condoms in the condom or on the outside?

Spermicidal lubricant is, I believe, usually on the inside of condoms.

What gland secretes a lubricant for hair and skin?

A sebaceous gland secretes lubricant for the hair and skin.

What is the meaning of lube?

The word 'lube' is an abbreviation of lubrication, or lubricant. A lubricant is a solution which reduces friction.

What is lubricant-?

A lubricant is a substance that improves the efficiency of a machine by regulating the temperature and preventing overheating and friction.

Used to reduse friction?

A lubricant. In machines, some kind of oil is often used.A lubricant. In machines, some kind of oil is often used.A lubricant. In machines, some kind of oil is often used.A lubricant. In machines, some kind of oil is often used.

What use is the knowledge of a lubricant pour point?

At a defined temperature a lubricant become semisolid and doesn't easily flow: this is the pour point. This is important to establish the temperature range in which this lubricant can be used.

Does the virgina produce lubricant?

Yes, when sexily desired will be develop in in your body then Virgina will must produce the lubricant.