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The sacrum bone in the posterior pelvis comes from the fusing of 5 sacral vertebrae, which are numbered from superior (S1) to anterior (S5). The sacral bones fully fuse typically by around age 23, but sometimes the S1 vertebra does not fus with the others. When this happens, it's called lumbarization.

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Q: What is lumbarization of the s1?
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Lumbarization refers to a disorder that occurs from birth, where the first segment of the sacrum, at the end of the spine, is not fused. This could lead to easy breaks in the sacrum. The best option to correct the problem is typically surgery.

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What are the consequences of lumbarisation of the s1?

Lumbarization (US) lumbarisation (UK) refers to a spinal bone that takes on some of the appearances and physical characteristics of another type of vertebrae or spinal bone. At S1 lumbarisation means the S1 segment, which is usually, one of five fused segments making up the sacrum or tail bone, is not fully fused or attached to the rest of the tail bone. IT is a "sacral" segment that looks like a "lumbar" segment. It appears to be 6th lumbar vertebrae. It may have a disc or a rudimentary disc space. Functionally, a lumbarized S1 usually does not have all the functions of a normal lumbar vertebra. In most instances, this finding is interesting, but does not usually cause pain or disability. In some rare cases the joint may become irritated and painful due to injury.

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Lumbarization of the s 1, or top segment of the sacrum, refers to a birth defect where the sacrum is not fused to the rest of the spine properly. Experts believe it is simply something that happens inside the womb, and very rarely affects a person's health.

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