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What is mabinogi and how do you get into it?


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July 14, 2015 6:09PM


Mabinogi is a Fantasy Life game where you do quests, tasks, and talk with other online players. You get into it by signing up at the Nexon net site. After you download the client program, use the game and log in with your nexon ID and password. An NPC (computer monitor) in Mabinogi will then guide you. Her name is Nao. it is a very fun game. If you want to have the full experience. You might want to get a nexon card (also sold at 7 eleven). If you do not want to get bullied, Here is a list of things you should do:

* Start as a human first. Everything's easier and you can talk to giants and elves and they will help you get a free elf or giant card.

* If it's a challenge, try it.

* People understand your comedy more than your friends, if it's good.

* Use Abbreviations like: lol rofl brb afk atm.

* Never lie.

* Try and get a mabinogi girlfriend.

* Remember all people playing are not good. NEVER give out any information!

Mabinogi is an MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) in 3D character form. It's genre is mostly about fantasy (as it is a fantasy life game). You can meet and interact with other players in the game, do quests which are given to you, earn skills and money, and buy items that are valuable to you! You sign up for a Nexon account at and then download "Mabinogi". When it's done downloading, you go through the steps for installation and log in as your username and password for your Nexon account. If a beginner, starting out free, you can customize your character with few things. You are given beginner wear as well. If a premium character, which requires use of real money to buy the Nexon Game Card, (At 7-11 stores and others) you activate the code on the card you bought at the website before you begin playing. Then you will earn "Nexon Cash" which will allow you to buy things that only paid-users can buy. If you buy the premium human character card, it will allow you to customize your characters more specificly. Since Nexon has Elf and Giant cards available, you can choose what you would like to create. (I would start off as a Human first, which has easier quests and tasks. You can also create Elves and Giants later on.) Elves run faster then most people, can be invisible, and are mostly skilled at Archery or Magery (magic). Giants are slower, but are allowed to be mounted by a human allied on the Giant side. They are also more skilled with Melee-fighting, using weapons instead of arrows or magic. Humans are in the middle, they have an equal amount of MP (magic power), HP (health power), and ST (stamina, or energy). Giants seem to start out with more HP then normal, and Elves start out with more ST then normal. In my opinion, Mabinogi is a really fun and addictive game once you get used to it A lot of people will help you if they're not busy, so don't be afraid to ask! When you start out, try not to buy things recklessly and save your money. You earn "gold" (which is the currency used in Mabinogi) to buy items from NPC's (computer-moderated characters) and other users. If you choose to buy an item from a user, always ask experienced players the real price for it, because some players tend to scam alot of money selfishly like having an item sell for more then it should be, and having unexperienced players buy it thinking it was "worth it." So I suggest to buy items fairly from the NPC's first, if you choose to buy clothes or weapons. If starting out, the best way to get money is to do the quests, which is the box on the right hand corner, (not really corner but the bottom). You might earn several quests to do and get the basic skills once completing those quests to start out in Mabi. Sometimes these quests may require you to enter a dungeon, and fight until the BOSS room. You may want to bring weapons and some potions (which are sold at the Health places) like in Tir Chonaill, it would be just a little north of the bank, (you can see on your map) to the right hand side. The NPC you would buy the potions from would be Dilys. The best dungeons to start out with are Alby Dungeon and Ciar Dungeon. There are also more, like Rabbie, Math, Rundal, Fiodh, Coill, Peaca, and Barri but I would not reccommend you go there first. Tir Chonaill of course, is not the only city. There is Dunbarton, Emain Macha, Bangor, and more! On the other side of the country is Iria (a place where most Elves and Giants are.) Humans can go there too though. The dungeons are a lot tougher too. You can warp to Iria by using the Mabinogi symbol button on the left hand corner and click "Continent Warp" or something like that. You won't be able to get back to the Human side (forgot what its called) until one day is over in-game. Remember to socialize a lot and you will learn some tips from other players. Also, if you have played MMORPGs before, don't worry because Mabinogi is usually a lag-free game. Its not as crowded as Perfect World, or World of Warcraft and other games. Its not a kiddy game either. When you start out, it would be best to start as a 14 year old or so. You may age too soon if you start at 17 and grow older every Saturday (because one week in real life is a year in Mabinogi.) Your character ages every Saturday at noon PST. You seem to also have better connection if you're in California or around there.


You DO NOT use real money except when buying pets or more characters for your collection. The one time you customize your character's features is in the beginning of the game, first coming into the game. When you customize with clothes and things, you use gold, currency in Mabinogi.

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