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Possible plugged pcv system causing excessive pressure. It may just be failing gaskets or seals. 95+ cavaliers are infamous for leaking head gaskets. Its a common problem with the original. I had to replace mine with only 18000 miles on my 2001. Take it to the dealer and have it replaced if you have an extended warranty....

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Q: What is making your 2001 Chevrolet Cavalier to leak around the valve cover gasket?
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front or rear main seals are out and you need a new oil filter. New Answer: If your old oil filter was a FRAM this could be the problem. It is a known issue that often with these filters the old gasket will often become detached from the filter & remain on the car when you change the oil filter, thus preventing the new filter from making a secure seal. Check the old oil filter if you still have it, to be sure that it has its gasket intact. If the gasket is missing, that means it is still on your car. You will have to re-do the oil change process as you need to remove the old gasket before reinstalling the new. Good Luck.

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Is a s-10 2.2 motor head the same as a 2.2 cavalier cylinder head?

I do believe they are the same heads if it's a 2.2OHV 134cc 4banger. But it is for 1995 and up to 2000 because Chevrolet changed the 2.2 OHV for a 2.2 dohc. Make sure on what your buying before making a mistake

How do you tighten the belt on a 1992 Chevrolet Cavalier?

The belt is adjusted by the tensioner, which generally isn't adjustable unless the spring has started to fail or break. If the belt is slipping or making noise check it for cracks on the ribbed side. If you see any cracks, replace the belt. If the tensioner seems soft, it too can be replaced.