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What is making your 96 neon do click click click when you try to start it?

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βˆ™ 2006-08-04 20:23:34

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Sounds like a starter problem to me. Check the battery first, then make sure the terminals are tight, and free of corrosion. Then if that does not help- tap the starter with an object like a wrench or small happer, sometimes that works. Good luck.

2006-08-04 20:23:34
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Bike will click but not start?

try the electrical coil

95 manual neon car will crank but not start?

if its a manual transmission try push-starting it, otherwise try jumping it.

What causes your truck to click when you try to start it?

Low battery.

Why does my 99 neon stall when making a left hand turn?

Your 99 Neon may stall because the battery moves to one side when you turn. You should try tightening your battery cables.

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Why would my 2002 Chev S-10 pickup only click when I try to start it?

Try banging on the starter with a hammer from underneath while someone else repeatedly turns the key to start making the click. Your starters internal bushings and bearings are likely worn out and are not allowing motor rotation when turning the key. This problem is common after driving in the rain and/ or deep water.

Your 1998 doge avenger wont start but it clicks?

It clicks?What are you talking about clicking? you turn the key to start the car and all it will do is click,click! or when you try to start it it will spin over and then stop and click.! All I can think of if your car battery isn't good enough to start the car and you will get a click or you have a bad starter and it will only click. need more info

When you try to start your 1997 Toyota Corolla its just clicks what is wrong?

To give a generic answer, it kinda depends on what type of click. If it is a rapid click-click-click-click... it is probably a dead (or near dead) battery. If it is just one solid "click", it is probably your starter. The single click is the sound of the selinoid clicking in to try to engage the starter. If the starter is faulty, it won't engage and turn your engine over to start.

How come a 2001 Dodge Neon does not start on the first try?

If it does not start on the first try but it will start on the second try, and this is accurate, Meaning all the time. It is likely that the fuel pump is weak. requiring A new fuel pump. If you are sure about this, Have the fuel pressure tested before spending the dough.

Why does your white garden tractor just click when you try to start?

Probably a weak battery

Try to start car turn key in ignition and just goes click the engine not turning over or even trying to start?

Try getting a new fuel filter.

What does it mean when you try to start your car and you hear a click and it doesnt start?

Battery is dead, wires are loose or corroded, or starter is defective.

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Your 98 neon wont start you put in two new starters all it does is click once good battery and fuses help?

Could be that the positive battery feed isn't getting to the starter. Possible that the engine is locked up, need to try to turn over with a wrench.

Why does the 1996 Chrysler town and country just click when you try and start it when it is cold?

probably a bad battery

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Why won't my 2003 dodge neon start?

I DO NOT KNOW! did you try turning the key??????? (it would a lot more helpful if you gave us more information)

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Why would a car start great most times but sometimes only click when the key is turned?

When you try to start the engine and only get a single click on occasions, that is a sign the starter relay/solenoid is going bad.

Why is your 2002 dodge ram just making a clicking noise when you try to start it?

battery weak

What if your 2003 Nissan altima has trouble starting when you come to start it all you hear is a click every time try to start it and after a while of try to start it it starts up have no clue of what?

Loose or corroded battery connections or your starter is going bad.

Help my chrysler neon wont start and i also have no spark on all the cylinders someone please help?

try distribitor cap/ or coil pack, take a plug wire off hold with rubber glove to see if there is a spark in the wire when you try to start , if there is no spark try distributor/ coil pack

How can you tell if you need to replace a starter or a relay switch in a Plymouth Neon?

There are several ways. Here are the simplist Apply 12 VDC directly to the starter and see if it cranks Jumper or bypass the relay Replace the relay When you try to start the car and you hear a click, it's probably the starter When you try to start the car and it makes no sound it could be several things. I'm assuming you are certain the battery is in good condition and fully charged.