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What is man's adaptation to environment?


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October 07, 2013 7:48PM

Well, when humans change to make themselves comfortable in unpleasant conditions it is known as adptation or evolution.


Evolution only occurs when the last species dies and a new one, with a more equipped body, takes over.

I refer you, instead of mass spamming the edit box with information, to this very interesting article/essay on the biological adaptation with humans in reference to nutritional, physiological and psychological terms.

the geographical variability of some morphological, physiological and serological traits of man is discussed with respect to the question, how far this variability can be considered as the result of selective adaptation processes. Though there is already some evidence supporting such an assumption, much more detailed and exactly planned research is necessary to clear the indubitable relations between the distribution patterns of anthropological traits and the various environmental conditions of human biotops. Particularly much more work is required to understand the causative mechanisms on which these relations are based.

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