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What is mankind's fascination with Gold?

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It does not tarnish, and remains shiny; it is difficult to obtain, and therefore valuable; and it is pretty.

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What is an acrostic for the word fascination?

fascination, your welcome

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What is a sentence for fascination?

The child stared at his friend in fascination as the boy jumped over the fence.

What does fascination mean?

Fascination means to be interested in something.

Can you put the word fascination in a sentence?

Emily has a fascination with constellations.

When was Fascination Records created?

Fascination Records was created in 2006.

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How do you use the word fascination in a sentence?

Timmy's fascination with fire was sure to get him in trouble one day.He had a very childish fascination for racing cars.Everybody stared in awe and fascination at the solar eclipse.

Use the word fascination in a sentence?

Here is a sentence with the word 'fascination' in it:Nowadays, youth have not much fascination for reading good books.

What is the verb form for the word fascination?

The verb form of fascination is fascinate.

What is the name of mankinds theme song?

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A sentence with the word fascination?

Her fascination with cats caused her to want to buy one.

Who sings You'll be in a world of fascination?

Human League has a hit called fascination.

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What does elexa mean?

Elexa is a Greek name and means 'mankinds helper'

How can you use fascination in a sentence?

Let your child discover the fascination of being able to breath under water!

How do you write a sentence with fascination?

He always had a fascination for the night sky, so he was excited about buying his first telescope.

What is the adverb of fascinating?


When was Fascination - David Bowie song - created?

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