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What is manufacture date of Winchester carbine 5629931?


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If your question pertains to the Winchester model 1894?Then with the serial number that you have supplied,indicates that your Winchester carbine was made in the year 1991.

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The most precise answer is between September 1942 and February 1944.

If you have a model 1894 winchester?,it was made in 1989.

If you could supply the serial number so I may date the manufacture of your rifle,Then I could give you a reasonable value for your winchester model 1894.

your winchester model 1892 was made by winchester in 1899.

If you provide the serial number in your question then I can give you the date of manufacture.

Your winchester model 9422 was made by winchester in 1991.

Your winchester model 9422 was made by winchester in 1973.

If you would post the serial number and model number,I can give you a date of manufacture.

You must include the model of Winchester you are asking about,to get a correct answer to your question.

the year of manufacture is now still unknown.

Your Winchester model 1894 was produced by Winchester in 1912.

Winchester Model 94 Carbine serial number 2059193 was manufactured in the year 1954. The value will be determined by which cartridge it is cahmebered for, and the graded condition. Bert H.

Go to the Winchester Official Website enter serial # and it should be able to look up the specific gun, and hopefuly the manufacture date

Go to and look at the Winchester sn data.

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