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What is margarine made of?

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Depending on the brand, Margarine is made from different types of oils and greases, with a little bit of coloring and flavoring. Oils are often "Hydrogenated", and that process results in compounds that are not well tolerated by the human metabolism...... Margarine is a fatty solid spread or cooking fat and is a substitute for butter

consisting of a blend of hydrogenated vegetable oils mixed with emulsifiers, vitamins, coloring matter, and other ingredients. The process of hydrogenation (used to make the margarine hard and spreadable) causes the margarine to produce trans-fatty acids in the body.

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Q: What is margarine made of?
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What is margarine made from?

Margarine is a butter substitute that is made from vegetable oils. This is in contrast to butter, which is made from animal fats.

Is there plastic in margarine?

No, there is no plastic in margarine, since plastic is not suitable for human consumption. Margarine is made in a way that combines oils and liquids together, resulting in margarine.

What is the difference margarine and butter?

Butter is made from Dairy while Margarine is made from vegetable oils or animal fats.

What country used to make margarine and soap?

Many countries have made margarine and soap.

Did the Nazis make margarine out of the Jews?

No; margarine is made out of soy beans, not dead people.

What is the difference between Margarine and Butter and How are they produced?

Margarine is made from refined oils. Butter is made from solidified milk fats. Margarine is not actually a dairy product, although it is kept in the dairy section.

Is margarine made of crude oil?


Is margarine good after a power outage?

Yes, margarine is OK after a power outage, it will only soften. Margarine is made from water and oil. Butter is made from milk and would not last long without refrigeration.

Where is margarine from?

Butter is made from milk fat, and margarine is made from vegetable oil and water. It still may contain some milk for consistency.

Is margarine made from plastic?

No. It is made by the hydrogenation of oils or fats.

What is the difference between butter and margarine?

Margarine is made of hydrogenated oils, butter is made of milk, the melting point of them are different. Butter has a high cholesterol level while light margarine has a low level. Margarine has a yellowish color, while butter has a deep yellow color. Margarine is much more recent than butter.

What melts when heated and is made of oil?


What the difference between cooking margarine butter shortening?

Margarine is made with oils and artificial ingredients, butter is made from cream, shortening is made from oils and sometimes animal fats.

Is imperial margarine a dairy product?

Margarine is not a dairy product: by definition, butter is milk fat and is dairy while margarine is made from vegetable fat, and is non dairy.

Where can hydrogenated-oil can be found?

margarinecriscobaked goods made with margarine or criscofoods fried in margarine or criscoturpentinesome fuelsetc.

What is healther Margarine or Butter?

i believe that margarine us healther then butter because butter is made from the fat of milk!

How is margarine made?

Margerine is made from animal or vegetable oils and fats

How do you call man made butter?

Margarine or oleo.

How does butter differ from margarine?

Butter is made from milk (cow, goat, buffalo - but you won't find buffalo butter on your store shelf). Margarine is made from vegetable oil.

Types of margarine?

There are regular margarine, butter-margarine blends, cholesterol-lowering margarines, soft margarine, whipped margarine, liquid margarine, reduced-fat margarine, and fat-free margarine.

By what process is corn oil made into margarine?

by the process of hydrogenation

Can I substitute margarine for butter in a cake made from scratch?

Yes you can.

What are the differences between butter and margarine?

Butter is made from an animal source which means it is worse for your heart and in particular you arteries. Margarine is made from a plant source which means it has less saturated fat.

Does margarine come from a plant or animal?

Margarine comes from plantsMargarine is made mainly of hydrogenated or refined plant oils and water.Margarine can be used both for spreading or for baking and cookingIt is also commonly used as an ingredient in other food products, such as pastries and cookies.

Is butter the same as margarine?

No, not even close. Butter is made from dairy products and margarine is artificial, sometimes listed as an edible oil product.