What is marine wealth?

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Marine wealth includes the vast variety of natural resources available from the oceans and seas, as well as the food and marine life by-products that can be harvested.

What are the marines?

A branch of the U.S. armed forces composed chiefly of amphibious troops under the authority of the Secretary of the Navy.

What is marine wealth of India?

Marine wealth of India is quite rich and mostly untouched andunexplored. You know Gulf of mannar is known as the biologists paradise. Indian coastal area is rich in corals too

Importance of marine wealth?

importance of marine wealth is we can get pearls fish natural gas mineral oil salt coral and all

Marine wealth information?

Marine wealth information basically provides us with information onthe resources like minerals and the aquatic plants and animals in agiven water body. The given water body is

Who are the Marines?

They are the most elite fighting force ever. SEMPER FIDELIS

Indian marine wealth?

India has a vast marine biodiversity. Its coastal areas have aflourishing coral ecosystem with a wide variety of marine animalssuch as the big manta, surgeon fish, angelfish,
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What can the marines do?

what CAN'T we do?! we've got pilots, infantry, people on ships, etc. you name it we've probably got it. We're the first ones into a combat zone and we're always the last out.
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What is wealthness?

A combination of the words: 'Wealth' and 'Wellness', meaning the wealth of wellness
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Are the marines for you?

The Marines are for you if you like being worked hard, being yelled at, getting strong, being the first out, and dealing with a bunch of confident strong willed people that do
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How do you get wealth?

By knowing how to create something new, management, business and conserve.