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What is marshalling?


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" A staging area for raw materials needed for taking a product from one step of the manufacturing process to another".


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Why are marshalling yards necessary

Feltham marshalling yard was created in 1918.

Data marshalling is a method to prepare data for processing or for transport over a network.The packaging of arguments passed to a procedure is called marshalling.

data marshalling in java means that the structured data item is flattening and converted into external representation data demarshalling is the process of convert the data back to the internal representation and rebuild the data structures.

three jobs that use gestures: 1. aircraft marshalling 2. traffic control/marshalling 3. cargo/shipping

"Marshalling" is roughly the same as "serialization", a mechanism many languages use to take classes, objects and values from a running program and convert them into a (normally binary) format for persistence (write to file or database) or for sending over a network.A stream is a computer science concept meaning that bits are transmitted between a sender and a receiver one chunk at a time, like when sending a file over a network or writing to the hard drive.A marshal stream would be a stream with marshalling data.Marshalling isn't used in Javascript. The JSON serialization format can be considered a similar concept, but JSON differs from marshalling in the sense that JSON is only meant for serializing data, while marshalling in an object oriented language would also transmit the class definition and object methods.Marshalling isn't really required in Javascript, as there is no compilation stage, and you can get the same effect by using eval() on a plain string representation.

Yes you can if you know what you're doing and don't get sucked up in the intake.

A marshal box is that box hole connections of the transformer to customer and customer to Transformer gone from this box. Marshal means army officer.

The South was primarily an agrarian economy. This prevented the marshalling of large amounts of money because of the time to market issues.

to show the poilt of an aircarft the right way to stand on the stop point of the stand and to keep every thing clean and clear before and during the process of parking stand

The spelling of the official is a fire marshal. The similar proper noun Marshall is often mistakenly used as the spelling of the term, especially as the verb marshal doubles the L in UK spellings marshalled and marshalling.

it is one of the role of the volunteers meaning SPECTATORS SERVICES.It has following services like LOST &FOUND counter management,usher services,marshalling,and all services for the benefit of spectators.

auditing, bottling, marketing, promising, modeling, targeting, blossoming, carpeting, jostling, profiting, quarreling, toppling, hardening, harvesting, gardening, darkening, sharpening, harnessing, heartening, marshalling, pardoning, squabbling, remodeling, conferencing, disheartening, telemarketing.

D-day happened after over a year's planning and marshalling the necessary troops, transport, ammunition, fuel, food etc in southern England. It was made necessary by the desire of the Allies to re-occupy Europe and defeat Hitler.

Because they got too many bombs and had to get rid off. Louvain (or Leuven) was a huge Railway Junction / Marshalling Yard and was being utilised by the Germans for Troop transportation, supply and onward deployment. To this end, the RAF and USAF had to bombed it to cause disruption.

Break as in snap the bone? - Probably not, but I personally had a 1/10th electric car flip off the track at close to full speed and hit me full on the shin whilst I was marshalling at a race meeting. I got a 3 inch gash in the skin which needed 7 butterfly strips to hold it together and I found out a couple of weeks later that the bone was chipped.

The term upcall is typically used in the context of using a framework, such as CORBA. When a request is sent from a client application to a server application, the framework is responsible for data marshalling, data transmission, and notification of the recipient that a request has been issued. An upcall is the call into the user code from the framework. This is typically supported through the use of a registered callback function registered either directly by the user, or indirectly through the mechanisms of the framework. An upcall is also called a callback.

Britain (and to a lesser extent Ireland, officially neutral) represented a marshalling point for Allied armies and war material, close enough to bomb mainland Europe and Germany, and to project seapower around the continent. The delay and eventual cancellation of the invasion meant that American and Allied forces could attack the German military presence in Europe for the entire second half of the war.

By 1779, Arnold had been making deals with the British. He did this because he was angry at the American Government for court-marshalling him because they found him guilty of using the army for his own personal reasons. He also went to the British because he wanted more money and he was in debt. The British gave Benedict Arnold a lot of money to become a British spy. They also promised to make him a British officer but they never fully trusted him.

The strategic air campaign against the Nazi German war machine in occupied Europe and the German war economy at home in general. The Eighth's first heavy bomber raid of twelve B‐17s hit marshalling yards at , France on 17 August 1942. The raid came after pressure from AAF headquarters in Washington and criticism of American methods in the British press. On 27 January 1943, fifty‐five aircraft made the first American air attack on Germany---the naval base Throughout the war, U.S. strategic air power would be the focus of intense political, diplomatic, military, and bureaucratic pressures.

No. A named variable is a reference to a value within the program's address space. Programs cannot share their variables. However, programs can share their memory addresses. The problem is that you then create an implicit dependency between the two programs. The memory has to be physically allocated to one of the programs, thus the other program becomes reliant upon that program being in memory at all times. The best approach to sharing memory between processes is to use a dynamic library to provide both the shared memory and the marshalling (preventing one process from reading memory while another is writing to it). In this way the dependency can be made explicit to the dynamic library and the programs can be run independently of each other.

Bombs are not needed at all. They exist solely to kill and destroy in times of war. The atomic bombs bore against Japanese during the second world war were used to overwhelm them quickly and bring a quick end of the war. It is still cause for speculation if race was a reason for using the weapons, as most Americans at the time hated and feared the Japanese as a whole.Answer:Bombs have several uses in military campaigne. They:destroy large areas of insustrial complexes, supplies or airplane and ship marshalling areascreate a lrge number of wounbded requiring the dedication of resourses away from military purposesthey make the civilian population discouraged and nonsupportive of the war efforydemonstrate the enemies determination towin at any cost without regard to the population wuth which they are at war

Individuals don't, but species in total do. There seem to be two schools of thought, either of which may or may not be totally correct. The obvious and often apparently discredited one is so that their species does not become extinct - but that concept is available only to those organisms able to consider it, i.e. limiting it to us humans. In all others it's purely instinct or non-sentient mechanism. The last point is used to refute the notion of species-continuation for as long as that species is evolutionarily viable - but even if a plant or animal does not know why it is breeding, then if breeding is not for that continuation, what is it for? The other, more subtle, reason for reproduction is to maintain the species' gene pool but that starts to drag the matter into philosophy more than science since you could argue that gene-marshalling is merely part of the reproductive mechanism; or that it implies the gene is more important than the organism as a whole rather then being a tiny, albeit vital, part of it. That then raises the very awkward question, what is reproducing which, for the benefit of which - organism or gene?

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