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What is meaning of Small Mammals?

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Small mammals are just that, warm blooded animals such as a rabbits, mice, guinea pigs, ferrets, etc..

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What small mammals do sugar gliders eat?

Sugar gliders do not eat small mammals.

What does small mammals eat?

Small mammals mainly eat roots and leaves and some insects.

What small mammals do herons eat?

Herons usually don't eat small mammals, really. They prefer fish and insects over mammals.

Do snow leopards eat big mammals or small mammals more?

They eat small mammals more coz i dont think they can eat and find massive or big mammals.

Are mammals sexual or asexual?

Mammals are sexual, meaning that they reproduce sexually.

Where the mammals big or small in the early mammals?

small, usually rat-like creatures in the prehistoric age

Are mammals herbivore?

Some mammals are herbivores, meaning they don't eat meat! (Herbivorous) Others are carnivores, meaning they eat only meat. (Carnivorous) and some mammals are omnivores, meaning they eat both. (Omnivorous)

What small mammals does the fierce snake eat?

Really fierce snakes eat any small mammals they can find.

What kind of mammals are vertebrates?

All mammals are vertebrates (meaning they all have a backbone).

How does the Bushmaster snake get food and what does it eat?

Bushmaster Snakes mainly eat small mammals. I dont know exactly what kind of mammals, just that they eat small mammals.

Meaning of petetion?

euthanization of mammals

What is another meaning of the word shrimp?

Small in size, or if your looking at the food, Its a small fish commonly known as krill and mainly by fish (or mammals underwater) its eaten by whales,specifically blue.

Can hippopotamuses lay eggs?

No. Hippopotamuses are placental mammals, meaning they give birth to live young. Only monotremes are egg-laying mammals, and this small group includes just the platypus and the two species of echidnas.

Do small mammals eat spruce?


What is the food of anaconda?

Small mammals

What do ghost bats eat?

rats mouse small insects andother mammals rats mouse small insects andother mammals

Was anyone alive while the dinosaurs were here?

No, there were no mammals at that time. Small mammals only came into being, during the end of the dinosaur period. Humans evolved fron these small mammals.

What is the meaning for mammals?

mammals are the creatures who give birth to their babies.examples of mammals are :bear,tiger,human beings,lion,whale,etc.

What kind of symmetry does mammals?

Most mammals have bilateral symetry. Meaning that they have two equal sides.

What are magnanimous mammals?

Magnanimous simply means generous and giving, it has NO meaning regarding mammals specifically.

In roar what food do lions eat?

On roar, lions eat either large mammals or small depending on feeding schedule if you have small mammals ,all day, but if you have large mammals its twice daily

What is the hedgehog's prey?

insects, worms, small birds and small mammals

Why mammals are so large?

Not all mammals are large. In fact some mammals are as small as the palm of your hand. Maybe you meant mammoths?

What preys on a frog?

Small Mammals & Fish

What animals does a puma eat?

Small mammals