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Telemedicine is a subset of telehealth, so first we'll go over telehealth and then explain telemedicine.

In brief, telehealth is the remote delivery of health-related services and information using telecommunications and related technologies. These services include patient care, administrative activities, and health education.

The main focus of telehealth is to enable patients or providers to get remote access to clinicians who have the expertise they need, but who are not in the same geographic location.

For example, this could mean a patient at home sending data from their blood pressure monitor to their cardiologist, who can read the information remotely and make note of any critical changes.

Another example is when a patient who has just had a stroke goes into a rural hosiptal where the clinicians are not familiar with how to treat the stroke. The rural hospital could use telehealth technology to connect with a stroke neurologist in another hospital, enabling that neurologist to see the patient via video-conference, look at the patient's CT scans remotely, and make treatment recommendations (including whether the patient shoud receive tPA - a clot-busting drug which can be very effective in treating 80% of stroke victims, if given within the first 4.5 hours of a stroke.)

Telemedicine is the portion of telehealth focused on patient care in terms of diagnosis and treatment. In the 2 examples above, the remote monitoring of the cardiology patient is not telemedicine; but the evaluation of the stroke patient is telemedicine.

Although the clinical benefits of telehealth and telemedicine can be great, there is a lot more to getting telehealth and telemedicine to be successful.

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Q: What is meaning of telemedicine and telehealth?
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Telemedicine is providing health care when patients and physicians (doctors) are not physically present there. An advancement in telemedicine has given people the choice that whether to visit doctors physically or approach doctors virtually. While using telemedicine, doctors and patients can share screens and share information from one computer to another. In addition, it is useful for people living in rural areas to access physicians virtually who previously had difficulty in approaching them physically. Using telemedicine, patients can see a doctor for diagnoses and treatment of diseases. Patients can do all this in the comfort of their homes without waiting hours for an appointment.Benefits of TelemedicineA patient does not require to physically visit a doctor.Saves time and travel costs.Less time away from work.Privacy.No danger to expose any contagious diseases.Less interference of the child and eldercare responsibilities.InstaCare is among the international award winning telemedicine companies in Pakistan. We are not known only because of our best telemedicine software but also for our continuous innovation in global health tech industry. We are specialized in Telehealth Systems and can help your medical business grow with



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