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It means that writing children's literature is considered in literary circles to be valued but somehow less legitimate than other works of literature, probably because in a book for young children, you can write one sentence per page with a picture and have a book; and the writer of a children's book will be viewed to be somehow less of a writer than the writers of other types of books.

I agree that would be what is meant by your quote. However, I personally believe that Children's Books provide a vital service. If they are not interesting or stimulating enough then many children will give up on reading for enjoyment and just think of all that they will miss out on.There are many brilliant children's books out there these days. Of course we know that the primer school books will have very few words in them but if they were too verbose in their writing the children would soon tire of reading as they are still at the beginning of their learning.
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Q: What is meant by 'children's literature is the stepchild of literature'?
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