What is meant by API in Java?

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An application programming interface (API) is a library of functions that Java provides for programmers for common tasks like file transfer, networking, and data structures.

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Q: What is meant by API in Java?
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Which api used in java?

The Java API is the API for the main Java Library.

What is meant by java API and how it is helpful to the java programmer?

API stands for Application Programming Interface It usually referrs to documentation on how a specific class works. It lists,describes, and details the class' methods, properties, constructors, etc.. Here is a link for a the API of the String class in Java:

Download java api 1.6?


What is the use of api in java?

The API is a reference for all predefined classes provided by the java language. This will allow the programmer to utilize the classes into their programs. The API provides packages, classes, methods, constants, etc.

Where can you find the Java API?

Try the link below.

What does 'API' stand for in Java?

"Application programming interface"

What are the two Java platform components?

Jvm & api

How you use java?

Hi You should read Java API , there is every thing that you need.

What is Full for of APIs in java?

API stands for Application programming interface. API's are pre-written Java code that can be used by other programmers to create their applications.

Why java is better than c?

java provides more api and classes than c, which makes programmer easy to mix up with env. it provides API

How you can use java scripts in java?

You have to use a third-party API to be able to execute JavaScript commands in Java code.

What is a USERENV.DLL file?

its a .dll file that provides API functions to your user profile.. like JAVA API functions..

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