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What is meant by API in Java?


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An application programming interface (API) is a library of functions that Java provides for programmers for common tasks like file transfer, networking, and data structures.


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The Java API is the API for the main Java Library.

API stands for Application Programming Interface It usually referrs to documentation on how a specific class works. It lists,describes, and details the class' methods, properties, constructors, etc.. Here is a link for a the API of the String class in Java:

"Application programming interface"

The API is a reference for all predefined classes provided by the java language. This will allow the programmer to utilize the classes into their programs. The API provides packages, classes, methods, constants, etc.

The Apache POI project is a Java API to read and write Microsoft Documents.The API allows you can read and write MS Excel files using Java.

Hi You should read Java API , there is every thing that you need.

java provides more api and classes than c, which makes programmer easy to mix up with env. it provides API

You have to use a third-party API to be able to execute JavaScript commands in Java code.

its a .dll file that provides API functions to your user profile.. like JAVA API functions..

Core java represents the set of java api which are used with any java technology (Ex - web components, EJB components)

The java.lang package is automatically imported for you.

There are a huge range of string operations. A comprehensive list of them including how to use them can be found in the java api:

Application Programming Interface. Rules about how a certain software can communicate with other software.check ot the API library.

Java Database Connectivity, a Java API that enables Java programs to execute SQL statements. This allows Java programs to interact with any SQL-compliant database.

JDBC stands for Java Database connectivity which is a standard java API for database. It is for database connectivity with project.

API is an Application Programming Interface..that means Some collection for designing concept for GUI(Graphical User INterface) By Saravanan

A Thread is simply a concurrently running task that is separate from the main line of execution. You can make any class into a thread by implementing the Runnable interface. For more information about the Thread class, consult your Java API. The API has all the basic information about using Java threads.

JNDI stands for Java Naming and Directory Interface JNDI is an API specified in Java technology that provides naming and directory functionality to applications written in the Java programming language ""

If the "add" is part of the Java Collections API then calling c.add(o) adds an object o to the given collection (list or set). Likewise, the AWT API has add methods to add components to a Frame or Panel.

The Search API allows users to insert the Search toolbar directly on your webpage. This is done by inserting a code on pages enables with java-script.

Predefined methods refers to the methods in the Java API. the methods that are present in the Java Class libraries that we can use. Ex: String.equals() or Math.random() etc are predefined methods.

Any Java class that extends java.applet.Applet is an applet.

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